Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chaos WIP!!!

So I continued work on one of my three Blight Drones...after it's been sitting idle since July or so.  I have the body mostly done now, just need to work on the base, as well as the flying stand, both of which will have my water effect ooze that I used on the Demon Prince of Nurgle I did.  Should be pretty snazzy when I am done.  There was a tirade by me originally as well, but that has been removed because I feel petty for posting it.  Sorry for anyone who read it, that was somewhat out of character for me.  I may have been drinking....heavily.  Anyways, check out below and whatnot.

So here are two more shots of the model.  This should get you a little hyped up for tonight's fight!  I used my rust base paint, which is burnt umber oil paint, black and brown ink, and orange rust pigment, and then I used three different color rust powders to achieve Father Nurgle's approval on the rusting of the metals.  I like how it looks so far.

Here is a sexy side shot.  It's like Wargaming side-boob for people who have a Nurgle fetish...yeah, that good.

Here is an example of the skin.  The skin was first done usually three successively lighter shades of olive, the first being a full blown base coat, then a heavy dry brush of the middle tone, with a light dry brush of a brighter olive.  Then I used some Leviathan Purple wash on all the bruised flesh, which is the parts that are stretched or have metal bits coming out of them.  After that I painted all the open wounds a dark purple in the recesses, with a dark red on the side walls, and a bright red dry brush of the raise surfaces of the wounds.  Then they all got a light Baal Red wash just along the outsides and insides of the wounds.  After that I used Gryphonne Sepia wash along ALL of the skin, to dirty it up, and then on to the rest of the wonderful details like the metal rings and the cables.  As I continue this model, I promise to put more up! 

 Thanks for reading, and with my airbrush parts arriving in a few days, I'll hopefully have some super cool projects show up instead of filler models!  Take care. 


  1. That's turning out delightfully disgusting - can't wait to see more!

  2. Me neither! Damn, wait, that means I have to paint it then, huh? FML. Well, not like I have anything better to do, haha.

  3. I'm painting the base right now, and the difference makes me happy. I'll have pictures up most likely tomorrow as the water effect takes damn near a day to dry fully.

  4. Some day I'll have to buy and paint one of these. Are you field them as a squadron of three? It seems to me with the rules as written they'll be big fire magnets and blow up quickly. Three of them could just be an even bigger fire magnet.

  5. I haven't played with them yet, but I imagine that I will whenever I get around to playing Apocalypse again. When I play Apoc, I MSU everything so that I can absorb more fire. So most likely they'll be run individually.