Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally getting started!

So I am now finally getting under way with this new army.  Most of my stuff has come in, but I am still waiting for the weapons from Scibor (my FLGS told me they couldn't get them for some reason...three weeks after I placed the order, so I had to order direct, which sucks by the way) as well as some pieces I decided to just get directly from Forge World instead of eBay, mostly because none of what I needed was on eBay at the moment.  Anyways, read on for more of how this project is evolving!

So as that first picture shows, I am now the proud owner of a Caestus Assault Ram, which I managed to get for a steal off of my favorite store, the eBay!  I really wanted to see one of these monsters up close, and the pictures don't convey enough just how bulky this thing is.  Not in a bad way though, but in a "Oh my god, that's a few thousand tons of rape coming my way" sort of way.  While the kit was somewhat annoying to put together (pieces needed serious cleaning, praying, and bribing to fit together at some points) it is still an amazing kit.  As for other flyer's in my army, I bought a Storm Raven Truescale Kit from Chapter house to try out, and after putting it together, I ordered two more!  Check it out below.

I have yet to put together the cockpit, as I intend to pain the inside and the pilot before I do, and I left off the exhaust vent up top since it doesn't quite fit with the style of the model once you stretch it out.  I didn't like the turret either, so I did a little bit of dealing with the devil, and ordered a replacement part I did like from Forge World!

I'm not gluing the whole thing on, before anyone asks, but what I did was order the Lascannon Razorback Conversion Kit from them, which is essentially only the turret.  I'm going to glue the turret on and then magnetize the weapons option.  It will be much more sleek and streamlined than the actual servitor turret the model comes with, so I am hoping it turns out well!

Next we have my Contemptor Dreads!  I bought three of them, and I now have two posed and put together, with the third sitting in it's bag still since I was waiting for my bases to arrive in the mail (pics further down).

For each one, I bought two CCW, 2 Heavy Bolters (which will be converted into Twin Linked Autocannons since this is going to be a counts-as grey knights army), and a Lascannon.  I also bought two Assault Cannons and two Conversion Beamers just to be cool!  The only thing I don't like about these models is that the weapons arms don't come with the shoulder piece, only the body does, so magnetizing was a little tricky.  But I took care of that fairly easy with a power drill :)  Of course, a week or two after I bought all of this, the nice Relic versions of these came out, so I might have to buy one or five, but that will be after I finish the main army.

For the bases, I figured that I didn't want to half-ass some bases with these expensive models, so I went to the best place you can go to get awesome bases for a more than fair price: Secret Weapon Miniatures!  I ended up going with the Runic Mountain, because I do want to build a table in the near (very near) future for the Battle of Prospero, and these will go nicely with that.  Here is an example of what I bought from Mister Justin over there.

I ordered these Monday and they showed up today, and that isn't even their expedited shipping, so I was very pleased with that.  I also picked up two different shades of red wash while I was there, and Mister Justin was kind enough to even throw in one of their new Objective Markers free!  (Although I did spend roughly $150, so I'm sure he was a little happy.)

Aside from all of this, I have a LOT of models still in their bags waiting to get ogled and handled by my hands, so this is going to be an on going serious of posts hopefully.  I have 4 sets of Forge World Mark II armour, 3 sets of Mark III, 3 sets of Heresy Era Heavy Weapons, and a bunch of Scibor shields and shoulder pads. 

With my birthday being tomorrow, I SHOULD be getting a new display case this weekend, so as I fill it I will take some right proper photos of my models to throw up here (with should being the operative word in that sentence).  I cleaned out my garage this week as well, and my wife is letting me set up a spray booth and a photo table in their, so I'm hoping to take better photos and paint more as the weeks go by as well.  For the mean time, here are some pics of my now COMPLETE Chaos Warhound Titan, as well as some other models that are on top of my computer desk as well.  I apologize for the shitty pictures, but I am drinking at the moment and WAYYYYYYY to lazy to take them down for proper pictures.

If you notice, these picture suck.  That's because I used a flash instead of natural light, since I don't get any real light up on top of my desk which is in the corner.  Anyways, I need to wash all my Forge World Armour sets so I can start playing around with those, so take care.  Also, if you have any ideas for this army that I may be missing, feel free to tell me.  Thanks! 

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