Sunday, July 24, 2011


So as the title says, I somehow had Gork & Mork shining down on me, because I won this AMAZING army from the Heroes of Armageddon project!  I was so happy I started jumping around when they said my name on the like video broadcast of it all, and I still am shaking.  I will have pictures up as this all comes in, and I wish I could be at Gamesday.  Unfortunately, I can't make it because of my on going move here :(  So I guess I will sit here staring at the mail box until then.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this amazing army, as well as this awesome project.  After all said and done, HoA managed to make something like $31,057 for Doctors without Borders, which is an amazing charity group.  I'm going to call everyone of my gamer friends now and brag, so take care everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still not setup here...

So, as the post says, I am still not set up yet.  I am staying at my mother in-laws house until I close on my house here, which keeps hitting snags, so I have been unable to do anything substantial since most of my stuff is still in my bags.  Let me tell you, my teeth are itching to get at my plastic crack.  I have put together one full squad of the Forge World Plague Marines, and I have started on my second, but it is going slow since I have to unpack everything to start, set up on the kitchen table, and set aside time before I go to sleep to clean it all up and pack up again.  As this describes, it leaves me maybe an hour or two a night on the weekdays to mess around with my plastic dudesmen.  However, as I have heard, this is a HUGE gaming community.  One store I went to claims to have around 100 40k players.  I have yet to see this, but then again I have yet to go at night when everyone is supposed to be there, and also since I live about 45 minutes outside of town...

On that note, the only down side is that I am used to very friendly and chatty store owners.  In Kentucky, the community of gamers is very small, so the game store owners try their best to keep people there.  Here though, it seems, they have so many gamers that you are on your own.  I was talking to one owner about the community, trying to figure out how many people play, what they play, when they play, etc, and it was like I was trying to pull his teeth.  Lord forbid I interrupt him reading his comic to get information on his business.  But I guess I technically am some nobody who has never came to his store, so whatever.  I am hoping that I meet new people here and that the first experience is a limited one.  We will see in time.  Anyways, I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can, and when I close on my house and get my new Man Cave set up, I'll throw up some pictures of what work I have been able to squeeze out.