Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blight Drone done and the table continues!

So the water effect has almost finished drying now, and I'm pretty sure I used a shade or two too bright...FML.  Oh well, it works, and I have two more to mess with.  I'll get it right next time...I think.  Anyways, I got my airbrush parts in today, as well as all the terrain kits I ordered off of the eBay!  It's actually a lot more terrain than I thought it would be, so this should be "fun."  Anyways, as always, check below for more of the "good stuff."

Another side shot of the beastie.  I like the idea of the sludge, I just need to use a some what darker color when I mix the water effect next time.  Probably use only 1 drop of paint as well, instead of the three I put in without even thinking.  As I was saying, however, I got my airbrush parts in today, so I managed to base coat my Caestus!

I really love airbrushing...saves me time and gets a nice, thin, bright coat in less than 15 minutes.  I'm thinking about painting this thing this weekend, but I am behind schedule on the table so I might just focus on that while I'm not at the bars.  I managed to get one building built today, as well as a little tower, and I have a TON of extra pieces for rubble piles to fill the building as well as the sections of missing wall.  I ended up with 6 Manufactorum kits, so I built a large Factory of sorts.  The main doors are 6.5 inches wide, which works out because a Land Raider is about 6 inches wide including the weapons on the side.  Since it was such a large piece, I made the sides mirror opposites so that no player would have an advantage with the building based of their deployment zones.  Enough chatter though, on to the pictures!

As you can see, it's pretty barren inside.  That will be fixed with rubble and oil drums, but not to the point where a Land Raider is unable to get through.

This is my little tower.  I'm planning on making a second and having one in each deployment zone.  They will most likely be in opposite corners so that each player can either get one or none if the deployment ends up being quarters.

Here is another angle on that building that gives you a sense of how empty it is at the moment.  This table will be great though for infantry based armies.  Lots of higher spots to shoot from, limited tank mobility, LoS is broken across the table pretty well to where you can still see a lot of things, but cover saves are going to be almost expected.  This obviously won't be a tournament table, unless it's a Beerhammer tournament.

I'll leave you with this small picture, which shows just how many wall pieces I had to work with, all from my Manufactorum kits alone!  That doesn't even cover the 4 each of the other two kits I bought.  Anyways, it's time for me to head back into the Diablo III beta, so take care and keep watching!


  1. Very cool stuff! The shade of green may be just a touch too bright, but it is definitely a great contrast to the model itself, and it's seriously slimy looking! Perhaps you could get away with adding some green ink/wash streaks (as opposed to a full coverage) to 'dirty' it up a little and bring down the overall brightness without losing too much of the water effect shine...

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, I just mixed up another batch of the green water effect, this time using a small drop of Intermediate Green, as well as a normal sized drop of Thraka Green wash. I'm going to attempt to place this layer over the existing one, and I hope it works. If not, I can always just sell it on eBay so I never have to look at it again, haha.

  3. The goo coming out of the blight drone is absolutely disgusting.. so good job!

  4. Haha, thanks. I redid the goo, and I like it slightly better now, but I need to pay more attention when I do stuff like this, haha. Too many shades of green on my work table...