Saturday, February 12, 2011

Set backs suck...

So to all of you out there waiting to see an update on the Dias, I have to apologize because I have been sick and unable to work on it.  However, I'm gonna try to man up tonight and get some work done on painting it, and hopefully get some rough pics of it up with atleast the base colors on.  No promises however.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on the Dias of Destruction!!!!

So, now that John from The Autoforge is back from Rhode Island, I have him back to working his skin off for me to get this Dias of Destruction done.  All I can say after seeing it tonight is one word: EPIC!  He added sails to the back, as well as bulked it out a little bit more with some Dark Eldar bits of goodness thrown here and there.  Also, he make intact's for the engines out of plasticard, which came out amazingly.  Anyways, take a look  below to see how amazing epic this thing is coming along.  I CANNOT wait to get this bad boy painted!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dias of Destruction WIP coming along!

So, my buddy John from the blog The Autoforge has been working on a conversion of Vect and his Dias of Destruction for me for a few days now, and it is coming out so well I felt the need to throw pics up.  The concept is basically a Ravager and a Eldar Fire Prism combined, with the Ravager over the Raider so that I could get 3 Dark Lances for it (as well as increase my horde of DE bits :D ) and the Fire Prism so that he could use the turret to widen out the Ravager body a bit.  Also on the plus side is that there are so many extra bits left over from the Fire Prism that he will be attempting a DE flier conversion after he finishes the Dias.  For the crew, we felt that regular Kabalite Warriors just wouldn't cut it for somebody of Vect's stature, so I got John to convert up some Incubi to man the Dias.  Those fella's came out great, as you will see shortly.  And since Vect doesn't just sit on his Dias all day (unless you get a horrific first turn and he dies, or you're just plain crazy), we needed a dismounted version of him.  So without rambling TOO much more, here is what we have come up with so far:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The weather is in my favor for once!

So I was expecting all my new and shiny Dark Eldar to arrive this friday, since GW is dropping the Stormraven and the Furioso Dread this weekend.  However, I got a text from my local FLGS that it arrived early due to GW anticipating shipping delays due to this weather.  So lucky me, I got to pick up my huge order early.  This is going to be my main focus for the next few weeks to be sure, and just to give you an idea of what's ahead, here is a list of what I got today:

Where I stand on projects...

Okay, to catch everybody up to where I stand currently, I have taken pictures today of what I have been working on as of late.  Currently I have a WFB Chaos Daemons army, a Tyranid army, and I will be starting up a sizable Dark Eldar army when it all gets here Friday.  My Tyranid list is MC heavy, and I think they are the focal point of the army, at least visually, so I have been working on them primarily, as the little guys will be "easy" to knock out in an assembly line after I get the paint scheme fine tuned.  So without much more talking here goes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To start this off

Here is a Skaven Doomwheel that I bought back when it came out, seeing the Hamster wheel of doom and INSTANTLY wanting to paint it.  I spent a decent amount of time working on it, and ended up selling it shortly after I finished painting it.  I followed the advice of the GW 'Eavy Metal team with how to do the wood panels on the wheels, which came out AMAZINGLY.  Anyhow, without further ado, the pics:


I've been meaning to start my own blog for all my Wargaming endeavors, and after helping a friend of mine manage his page a bit, I have decided to start my own!  The main focus of this will be on my painting and things of that nature, but I expect to get off topic every now and then, true to my blog name!