Sunday, November 6, 2011

Small birthday update!

So as you can see here, my wonderful wife got me an excellent display case from Ikea!  At only $65, it is the best value out there.  I was very prompt in putting it together and filling it up, and I honestly might go buy a second one next weekend because it didn't hold as many models as I though (probably because of the titans and super heavies, but oh well).  I also got more than enough money from friends and family to buy a new airbrush and tank, so that was ordered last night so my painting should actually get somewhere these days!  Click on though to see close ups of each shelf, as well as some other things I forgot to include in my last post.

So without further blabbing on, here are pictures!

So yeah, that's my uber case of glory!  All the painted Ork goodness is part of what I won with the Heroes of Armageddon drawing, except the Komandos.  I honestly have so many Orks that they would easily fill up this case by themselves, so I put only a small amount of them in.  As for other stuff I forgot about last post, here is the third Contemptor Dread I am working on.  I utilized the models fully moving joints on this one and made him taking a knee.  I am very pleased how it came out!

I really, REALLY love these models, and I just wish the GW dreads had these options for posing.  Also, I have my 5 Kromlech Jet Bikes put together, which wasn't too hard since they're only 3 pieces each.  My only beef with these models is that it comes with Twin Linked Bolters already attached, which means if I wanted anything else I would have to convert.  But oh well, such is the price we pay to get epic models only available to us from GW as a $50 per model finecast beast that needs to be converted to use by anyone other than the Dark Angels (yes, I'm looking at you Sammael).

Well, that's it for this post.  I am off to Lowe's to look for tables to game on, spray on, and take pictures on.  Three tables MAY be a little expensive, so I might just buy the lumber and use my man skills to produce them myself.  I do have a beard nowadays, so I'll just throw on a flannel shirt and suspenders and I think I'll be able to do stuff like that all of a sudden.  Because if you've ever read the wonderful book, "The ABC's of Manliness," L is for Lumberjack, the manliest profession in the world.

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