Sunday, November 20, 2011

Terrain update

So I will start this out by pointing out that my post with this as a WIP, as well as my Draigo counts as, got nods from both Santa Cruz Warhammer and From The Warp, so thanks guys for noticing!  The tower is now mostly done, and although I had a very rough weekend, I managed to at least knock out some very basic terrain as well.  Hopefully this week I'll manage to get to my FLGS and buy the last terrain I will need so I can make some more headway on this table, but if not I guess I'll just have to wait until payday...FML.  Anyway, check out below for a few more pics of some terrain I half-assed this weekend!

Here is a top view of that piece.  I'll probably put more "sand" in there once it is placed on the table, but I want it to look like there is a steady wind blowing across the board, so I want all of the sand piles to be on the same facing once everything is down.  I discussed this with my wife, and I think what we are going to do is place all the terrain, and then put watered down glue everywhere I want it to go.  Then we'll take a hair dryer (or shop vac, depending on how crazy, or drunk,  I get) and we'll blow the sand literally across the table, letting it collect where it may.  Another layer of sealant on that and boom goes the dynamite.  Anyways, here are more pics.

These I found at my FLGS, and they are made by Armorcast.  I'm not so much of a fan of their cast work, as there are tiny little bubbles ALLLLLL over these pieces, and I wasn't looking for a sort of ruined effect anyways, it would drive me banana sandwich.  Great pieces, however, and they will be good at breaking up the monotony of the board a bit.

Here are my two Space Marine statues.  These will get sand in between the rocks on the bases as well, and maybe some other weather powders once they're placed.  Simple three color dry brush of black primer though, with a Devlan Mud wash because I was way too lazy to give it any more effort than that at the moment.  Anyways, I am off to beat this 12 pack like it owes me money, so stay classy Internet!

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