Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Draigo and friends!

So I now have my counts-as Draigo done, and he is the beauty pictured above!  I really like the bits I got from Scibor, as they really help to add that Egyptian feel to the army.  I also worked on some of the other models in my soon to be built army, and even my ruined tower.  However, I ended up with a Diablo III Beta invite, so my progress has been slowed somewhat.  Anyhow, check below for even more pics of what I have put together so far.

So he is my Librarian.  He has no head.  Now that we have that out of the way, I forgot that I need some GW Thousand Sons heads for this project, so that will be another expense come pay day, haha.  Hopefully he will have a more "Librarian" feel to him when he gets a head on, because as of now he is "upside down sword guy reaching for something" guy.  I only had 5 pairs of those legs to work with so far, since my FLGS conveniently only order one of the four I asked for...a growing problem with them.  I also had to order all my Scibor bits direct because of my FLGS's inability to place my order in less than 5 weeks.  I digress however.  Here is the other three.  They aren't part of a squad necessarily, I just have a list of weapons combos I need to build and I built out of that list while trying to use all the bits from my first box of Termie's.  I don't like having 6 boxes open at once just to get a weapon out, haha.

I was worried about how big the legs would be in comparison to the rest of the model, but as I built the test model, I was pleased that the giant heresy era shoulders managed to bulk out the entire model to much better proportions (courtesy of Chapter House Studios).  I think that 15-20 of these bad boys on a table will be pretty intimidating.  I'm still short 2 Psycannons after buying 5 boxes of Termies, so if nobody in my area can hook me up, I'll be forced to cater to eBay yet again for this project.  To put into perspective for my fellow eBayers how much I have spent on this project with eBay purchases alone, I am up to $44 eBay bucks now...that's a lot if you aren't up to speed on how their system works.  But on to the power armour variants now!  The first group I build was my lone Purgation Squad.  These guys were sort of my test batch, and I like how they are so far.  I decided, however, that the FW Mark III helms don't quite fit the style how I imagined, so I am going to buy some "Steam Knight" heads come payday.

You're able to request the style you want if you don't want a random assortment, so I plan on ordering a few batches of the left most one.  On to my models now though.

I like how the Forge World Mark III Armour looks.  A lot in fact.  It's very different than your average Smurf Spammer these days, which is one reason I try not to play any variant of SM; because everybody else does already.  I have plenty more to put together now, and then I have to wash them, and prime them, and paint them, and then paint the resin bases, and then mount them on their resin bases...FML.  It'll be a while, but it will be well worth the effort in the end.

Anyways, like I mentioned up top (seems like forever ago now, doesn't it?), I have been working more on the ruined tower.  This weekend I tackled the hardest part of my mini project: the floor.  I didn't want to go with the boring, and very un-40k, wooden floor, so I picked up some tile patterned plasticard from my FLGS, blued it on top, cut to the shape, and the proceeded to paint it.  If you haven't painted a checker pattern before, lucky you.  It's tedious, monotonous, and a shitty time painting.  It does look great though.  I then sponged on some dark grey and some bright gold, creating a flecked marble like pattern, and then got it mount.  I have put some ballast along the bottom, but I need to do it in layers since the glue shrinking as it dries has been pissing me off.  But enough talk, lets just look at it instead.

I just need to finish the top portion of ruined wall, and another piece of tiled floor that is luckily on slightly less than 1/3 the other ones size.  Then it will go into the garage with the rest of the finished terrain, which I will not be mounting onto the board until I have all my terrain built so I can see where I want to put everything.  I think this post has been long enough though, so until next time, talk about me.  I like it.


  1. Veeeeery nice. The Scibor pieces and the Grey Knights go together really well. Looking good there.

  2. I think the scibor pieces work well with the maxmini pieces and look great.

    I like the heresy armour thrown into the mix.

    Def looking cool!

  3. Yeah, I bought 8 sets of FW Heresy Era Armor sets, so all of my Power Armour guys will be in it. I love how the bits all come together as well. Definately makes them stand out. Now all I need to do is stop being lazy today and get the rest of them put together so I can start painting.

  4. Love the scibor stuff. I have a few pieces for converting DA, but really nice to see them being used for GK.

  5. The legs I got from Micro Art Studios. http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/conversion-lab-c-45.html