Friday, October 14, 2011

New plans!!!!

This picture here, found on DakkaDakka at this link, is of a Scarab Occult Terminator of the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, made by a genius known simply as Proiteus.  He has done some amazing conversions in the past, whole armies of them in fact, and I like the route he is taking with his army.  As I had mentioned many many moons ago, I want to do a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, and he has inspired me to do so myself!  This will be no simple venture, and the $600 I have spent today alone on models and bits from around the interwebs is a testament to that.  Check below to see what I have planned!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dream Forge Games wants you!

If you haven't heard of this company, you need to check them out.  They make some amazing titan-esque models. and they are a relatively new company who needs some "investors" of sorts.  Long story short, they have a KickStarter set up, and if you donate money, you get models!  They have a tiered system set up, so the more you give, the more you get.  And what you get is really very cheap money wise!  Check them out if you get a chance at their website:

Their blog:

Their KickStarter:

These really are AMAZING models, and I can see them being proxied for some cool IG, Ad Mech, or other things if you can get crazy enough with it!  Even if you don't like what they have to offer, donate a few dollars where possible to help out a small company!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Nurgle goodness!

So I have been taking a break from the Warhound to get some more stuff done in my gigantic pile of grey mini's.  I've carried forward the momentum I have been building with Nurgle, however, and I have started working on some of my demons, as well as trying to finish the first squad of Death Guard assault termies I started like 5 months ago, haha.  I have also bought a bottle of water effect and started playing with that new toy!  Check out below for more pics!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Titan is nearing completion!

So as the title says, I am moving right along with this creature!  All I have left is the arms (which I have magnetized) and the base, which I will pin the Titan on but not glue so I can use him in games without a giant diorama base in the way.  Check below for a sort of three stage picture of the top shell, as well as photos of the inside of the head!