Friday, October 14, 2011

New plans!!!!

This picture here, found on DakkaDakka at this link, is of a Scarab Occult Terminator of the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, made by a genius known simply as Proiteus.  He has done some amazing conversions in the past, whole armies of them in fact, and I like the route he is taking with his army.  As I had mentioned many many moons ago, I want to do a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, and he has inspired me to do so myself!  This will be no simple venture, and the $600 I have spent today alone on models and bits from around the interwebs is a testament to that.  Check below to see what I have planned!

Basically, I plan to run the Scarab Occult like he did, but with my special characters and squad leaders using shoulder pads from Scibor and the rest using the Chapter House ones.   Here is the list of stuff I have bought so far, not including the Grey Knights kits I have bought, since this will be a counts as army after it's done.  I'll include links to each store as well so you can check out what they are selling.

The legs I have ordered are "Crusader Legs" from Micro Art Studios, and they are BIG!  I have used them in the past, and if you want to do some robed legs for anything true scale, these are them. 

These look nice in his mock up, so I'm going to give them a try.  Worst case scenario, they end up in my bit box for a future project.

Next for your eye pleasures are some Forge World goodies.  What's a Pre-Heresy army without some proper Forge World models, eh?  I'll be using the power armour variants for everything power armour obviously, as well as some different heavy weapons and what not.  Also with this purchase I bought THREE Contemptor Dreads, with a lascannon arm for each as well as two close combat weapons as well.  Here are pictures of all my goodness!

MK III Armor
MK II Armor
Heavy Weapons
Contemptor Dread
Lascannon Arm
Close Combat Arm

Next, I knew that I would want a few Jet Bikes, since those really bring around the feeling of the Pre-Heresy Era, and these were a little more difficult to find.  I knew that Kromlech used to make them, but couldn't find them on their website.  I did find them on their ebay page though, and even after I ordered 5, he had 50 something left. 

Those should be pretty fun to screw around with honestly.  I might end up buying a Raven Wing boxed army so that I can get some robed riders, as well as some other cool bits.  Maybe use the bikes in my Death Guard army as well!

Next is the infamous Chapter House Studios!  They are getting some hate around my area lately because of their whole ordeal with GW, but I personally love them.  I have ordered from them in the past, and they are a great company to deal with.  Here is what I got from them, and if the conversions come out looking good, I'll be ordering more of all of this from them!

Storm Raven true scale kit
Pre-Heresy Thousand Son Terminator Shoulder Pads
Pre-Heresy Rhino Conversion Kit

I'm hoping that the Rhino kit especially looks good, since I plan on having a fair amount of Rhino chassis vehicles in my army, what with Razorbacks, Rhinos, and Predators. 

Finally, we have Scibor Monstrous Miniatures!  These guys produce some cool stuff, but my only complaint is how hard the edges of their stuff is.  You can tell they use a C&C machine for almost all their stuff, but I think it still looks pretty good.

Egyptian Should Pads
Small Egyptian Shields
Large Egyptian Shields
Egyptian Parts
Egyptian Swords
Egyptian Axes
Egyptian Halberds

All of the different weapon options will go nicely with the models considering all the different options available in the Grey Knights codex.  Also, if one set looks horrid, the other two are there instead!  I also think that the big shield will make excellent storm shields for my Scarab Occult.

Anyways, as you can see, this will be a HUGE endeavour for me.  I will still be painting my Chaos models, but this gives me something to do to break up the monotony of painting.  If anyone has any other cool bits to show me, please feel free to throw up links in the comments.  I'm off to bed now, so good night to everyone.


  1. This is going to be insane....

    You've stolen my dreams right out of my head! And that storm raven conversion kit absolutely salvages the original, awful kit made by GW.

    Question: If the crusader legs are so big that they need to be "true scale" terminator style torsos and whatnot, arent they going to look a bit odd standing next to the power armoured dudes? How do you plan on resolving the scale issue?

  2. I'm gonna see how they compare. In the Horus Heresy series, Terminators are discribed as being hulking and gigantic, even when compared to Power Armored marines, but if the difference is TOO out of place, Micro Art Studios has some that are meant for Power Armor as well that are just slightly smaller. I just don't want to have to buy like 10 sets of 10, haha.