Saturday, April 2, 2011

So, the E-bay Gods are kind!

So I nonchalantly bid on a brand new, still in the FW bags Chaos Warhound Titan with three weapon arms included, still in bags as well...and won somehow.  I ended up only paying $350 plus S&H, which is a HUGE deal, so I am stoked about that.  My wife isn't though.  Anyways, the seller also said that since I paid immediately that they were sending me a FW Chaos Dreadnought (they didn't specify which one, but beggars can't be choosers) with arms for free, so that is EPIC!  So once I get that, I will start a series of step by steps on me painting it and putting it together, so hooray for a new project while I have all my other unfinished ones!  And you people thought the name of my blog was a joke.  Until next time, I hope all you imaginary friends are safe...and that you stop telling me to do bad things.

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