Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Warhound is getting somewhere (finally)

So I have the Chaos Warhound Titan put together in the pieces I will paint it in, so after the water dries off, we'll be good to prime and base paint!  I glued together the parts before cleaning, which is normally the opposite of what I do, because I was worried of losing all the pistons in the sink.  I would have washed it in a bowl, but I don't have one big enough to fit the whole leg assembly in it, hehe.  Anyways, I also screwed around with weathering pigments this morning, and I like how they came out for a first attempt.  Look below to see more of the groups I will be painting in, as well as my models from this morning!

So here is the break down of the painting groups!

As you can see it is quite a few pieces I will be painting it in.  With a model like this, I feel that I need to really do it justice, so this will allow me to get the best angles with my brush.  As you can expect, I will be posting pics all throughout the stages as it gets done. 

As for the weathering experiments from this morning, here are the few pics:

The rust effect came out pretty nicely on Typhus' scythe, and the Dread gives me mixed feelings.  The left shin guard as you look at it came out nicely, but I had issues replicating it on the torso.  I kinda got lucky that it came out nice on the legs, and I need to practice different ways of weathering bolts and such.  Anyways, the Titan is drying, and I am getting stupid tired (the meds put me to sleep before I get crazyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!).  Till next time everyone, stay away from the living dead.  They're watching...

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