Thursday, April 21, 2011

Titan base mostly done!

So as you can see from this post, I have been working hard on the base for this monster of a model.  I feel that with the detail of the Chaos Warhound Titan, I need to try to match it with a equally impressive base.  While not entirely done, check below to see how it is coming along!

This picture and the on up top give you an idea of how the legs themselves are coming. With a black primer and a base coat of silver, followed by two washed of GW's Badab Black, I have A LOT more to do still.  I plan on doing the armor plates a shade of green similar to Typhus' armor, but slightly darker.  I also will be doing all the battle damage on this beast as well, and I have several more weathering powders on their way to my local gaming store to help with this.  I'm not sure of the color of the trim yet, however, as I am torn between a darker Gold or a silver.  The problem with a silver would be that it would not stand out from the silver mechanical parts of the legs, but at the same time I don't know how much better a Gold would be.  It's been on my mind with no solution for the past few nights now.  Anyways, here are some more pictures of the base in detail.

So there is where I stand on the base.  Once the legs get done, I will be pinning and gluing them onto the base, and then I will put the final touches on it.  The parts missing sand are where the Titan's toes lay when I put the model on the base, and that will allow me to pin and glue into something other than sand, which will be MUCH more sturdy in the long run.  Also, if you look around the spots for the toes are raised ares of sand.  You'll have to go with me on this one, since the pictures don't show this too well, but when the legs are on there it gives the effect that the toes are pushing up dirt around them.  I just can't see something of that size walking through dirt and broken ruins without making foot prints of some kind.  I have also used my recently acquired weathering "skills" to weather the pre-painted ruins, as well as do the rust effects on that oil drum.  There will be more detail done to that drum by the way, but I still need more materials from my local store to finish that the way I want to. 

I haven't posted as early as I would have liked to due to my awesome family being over here in Kentucky visiting this past week, but now that the house is once again mine, I will be back at posting every 2 to 3 days hopefully.  Until next time everyone, stay classy!


  1. That is looking pretty sharp! I should be getting some work done on my Warhounds in the next couple weeks... if I can stop playing that stinking MineCraft game for long enough!

  2. Haha, I had to pull myself away from MMO's to be able to get anything done. I got so absorbed I got just about nothing done last month >.<

  3. Toes pushing up the sand is a great idea that will make the base really work well with the model. If you don't mind me asking--where did you get the base itself? That didn't come with the titan, did it?

  4. No, I went down to my local Michaels and they had it in with all the framing and do it yourself plaque stuff. It's actually meant to be a base for a plaque, and they had all different sizes and shapes, except circle for some reason. I picked up an 11in x 8in oval though and I think it worked out pretty nice, and it only cost about $8.

  5. Hey, Good luck with the titan paint man. I'll be keeping an eye on this, I got a chaos titan of my own to weather soon enough, if you have any tips, hit me up with them. :-)


  6. Haha, I have been working on the legs for the past week and have been taking pictures as it progressed, so I'll have those up hopefully this weekend :) I plan to do all the weathering except the rusting before I start anything else, because I want to see how it all looks together before I decide how rust heavy I want it to be.