Monday, April 11, 2011

Typhus based and Death Company Dread WIP update

So I based Typhus a little better, added some dark flock and a few pieces of stick.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  I'm going to go about painting the other nurgle models slightly differently, but that's the story of painting a new scheme, you learn your lessons and adjust.  As for the Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnaught, I got a decent amount of work done on that today, so look below for more pictures!

So here is the Dread as it stands.  I am just about done with the torso, and the only work I have done as of late on the arms is to paint the claws black.  They won't be staying black, but whatever color I decide to fade them, I will need a black undercoat so I got that out of the way while I had some left over black paint on my palete.  No need to waste paint afterall. 

Over all, I am liking how this paint scheme is coming along for my army.  If you haven't been keeping up with my blog, I am creating a successor chapter of the Blood Angels, yet unnamed, but I have started called the Death Company guys "Dead Company".  With the zombie heads, I think it fits nicely.  The rest of the guys will be a dark grey base, with Death Company bits all around, and the x's and tear drops painted in a similiar manner to the way it is done here. 

I also have been working a bit on my Tyranid model that I made, and I now have the body washed and the armor base painted, so once I get all the talons and such base painted as well, I'll try to through that up.  I also have put together 1 1/2 squads of Death Guard Terminators, all with forgeworld chests and shoulder pads.  I am waiting on more scythes at the moment, as I ran out doing some conversions, but once I get a scythe for the rest of them, I will get them base painted and put up for display.  Anyways, I am off to paint some Death Korps of Krieg models for a friend (which I will be putting up as well once done), so until next time everyone, take care!

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