Thursday, March 31, 2011

So, it's been a while, and I meant to call...

So, I'm not going to lie here... I got sucked back into the MMO world with Rift.  But now that I am level capped, and my OCD/ADHD has been satisfied, I am back to my long ignored models!  I have been very busy with my plastic toys lately, so here is an update that will hopefully not be too long winded. 

As you can see from the picture, I have worked out a monstrosity that I am using as a "counts as" Heirophant, mostly because I don't like the Forgeworld model.  Also cause I don't have the money (details).  This idea came to me almost instantly when I saw the new Orc's and Goblins Spider-thingy-majig.  Take a look at some more pics of this thing before I go into greater detail.

So there you go.  This bad boy is made from the spider kit and a Trygon, mixed in with my first attempt at green stuff.  I also used some spare bits from other MC kits for the 2 "Bio Weapons" and some simple pinning for the legs to make them wider.  The custom base not only looks great (that's only my opinion, but by being mine, it's right) it also serves in making the model have a larger presence on the board, thereby cheating at helping it come across as a Bio Titan and not just another monstrous creature.  I went with the Mawloc head since it very closely resembled the Heirophant's head, and I think it ended up looking pretty good as well.

I'm hoping to get this guy painted here in the next week or so, and I would have done it already were it not for the fact that my local Wal-Mart is out of grey primer (probably all the rednecks doing their super sweet primer paint jobs on those super sweet muscle cars that they will fix up and race one day...).  I try to pick a primer based of my color scheme, and with my Nid's, it's grey.

On to other news, my Dark Eldar are coming along nicely.  And by nicely, I mean I haven't painted a single one.  $1000 worth of models is a lot to put together, especially with a horde army, so it has taken me FOREVER to get them all together.  Also, on the topic of the Dias of Destruction, it has not been painted due to the fact that I didn't know there was petroleum jelly and lotion ALLLLLLLLLLL over the model and baked onto it, which John had used to smooth out the green stuff as he shaped it.  As it turns out, primer and paint put over that brushes off with your fingers...  I had it primed, base painted, and had just started on the details before I noticed it.  Yeah, that was a FML moment.  So I have to strip that without harming the green stuff, which shouldn't be too bad since the amount of fine detail on just the craft is limited, so Purple Power won't eat through it too bad.

And finally, in keeping with the name of this blog, I have already started another army.  I recently came across the Dornian Heresy (if you don't know it, google it, it's an AMAZING alternate reality to 40k where the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys).  In this reality, the Blood Angels gene seed caused them to become zombies, which I thought was a very interesting twist on their genetic flaw.  I know somewhere out there, a fluff nazi is in my ass because "Mace, everyone knows that the Blood Angels didn't develop that Gene Seed flaw until AFTERRRRRRRRRR Sanguinius was killed by Horus."  My rebuttal to that is simple: deal with it.  It's an interesting twist, and I appreciate the creativity.  My take on this however is to create a successor chapter where not all of them are zombies, but instead of succumbing to the Black Rage, their bodies start to decay.  It's like zombies who only know how to worship the Emperor and destroy Xenos and Traitors!  Besides a super duper paint scheme, I decided to go with zombie heads from the Vampire Counts Zombies kit to make this point very clear.  Because of the difference on how the two kits mount heads, it required a little bit of work to make them fit, but the results are AMAZING!  I'll try to get some pics up shortly, but just imagine Jesus riding a raptor into battle with Abe Lincoln against the south, but with Lynard Skynard playing at the battle, and free kegs afterwards and nobody dies because everyone is too busy holding up their lighters to Freebird.  It's possibly more epic than that.

All of this has been long over due for an update on here, so I apologize for being lazy, but hopefully I'll be much better about this page in the future.  Until then, enjoy that mental masterpiece I painted with raptor riding Jesus and Skynard.  You're welcome.

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