Thursday, April 7, 2011

And now for something different!

So, a few posts back I mentioned the Blood Angels idea I had, and after working on some of the models, I now have pics to put up!  Keep in mind that most of these are works in progress, and all I have done for the most part is the base color, a wash, and a dry brush.  A little detail is done on the dread, but other than that, nothing else has really been done.  And now for your face hole pleasure, here are some pics!

That is my "Dead Company" Dread.  The resin base I have him on is finished and matte varnished, so once the dread is complete he will be mounted on that bad boy.  For a better idea of the base, I took some pictures of it for you all!

So that's just one of the pieces I have worked on, the other is the zombie "Dead Company" marines I am working on.  Again, these guys have only been base colored with rotting flesh, washed with a sepia, and then dry brushed with the rotting flesh again.  The areas that aren't painted/washed are where I'm going to paint it a separate color for sure, so I didn't bother wasting paint on those spots.  With out much more yakking away, here you go:

So there you go, that has been up to mostly.  I have the Tyranid monstrosity washed green, but I want to at least get the armor base painted before I throw it up here.  Hopefully I'll get to that by this weekend, and if not, I'll beg my wife to do it for me :D  Till next time everybody!

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