Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chaos Warhound Titan legs 75% done!

So as the title of this post states, these legs are coming along amazingly!  I have all the base colors on, as well as a lot of the painted weathering and the wash/glaze.  While this is the majority of the work for most people, I'll be using a wide variety of my now massive weathering pigment collection to weather not only rust spots, but grease stains in the joints and pistons, dirt and grime on EVERY bolt, and dirt and mud around the toes.  Check out below to see more pics as the painting progressed on this part of my project!

So to start out, here is an early set of pics I took after the initial layers of black wash, and once the green base coat was applied.

So there those are.  My paint style is normally very clean, with very little weathering done to a model unless it's actually modeled into the plastic/metal/resin, so this is an excellent opportunity to step outside my norm and test myself.  I always try to do new things, because very few people get better by doing the bare minimum over and over.  The paint "shaved" off the toes came out pretty good in my own opinion (which because this is the Internet and an opinion is on a website, it MUST be true), and doing the simple dark metal base, bright metal inner highlights worked for me.  Anyways, what took me so long to post something else is that I didn't really feel that just these three pictures deserved their own post.  With that stated, here is some pictures of how they look as of tonight!

Like I stated previously, this is still without weathering, but I like the paint scheme.  I wanted a color scheme closer to Death Guard colors, however I couldn't really do silver-ish trim because it would blend in too closely with the rest of the model.  I think the Vallejo Old Gold mixed with a light brown came out nicely.  It wasn't too bright, yet just enough to contrast both the silver metal and the green without being the focal point of the color scheme.  Things like that drive me insane at night and I even lose sleep over it!  With the upper portion of the body, as well once the armor plates are painted and on, you'll see less of the actual metal portions of the leg and have just a bit more color.  Speaking of the armor plates, I have worked on them just a bit while bored with painting gold trim and while waiting for washes to dry.

That is the general scheme for the plates, without highlights and weathering of course.  I knocked out that plate while the wash dried on the legs, so I don't think it will take too long to paint these as compared to the legs.  I don't plan to glue them on though until I weather the legs, so these will be sitting at my work table until then.

And on a final note, Kill Zone has managed to sneak its way into my FLGS, so I am planning on putting together a list or two for that.  My store will be holding a single elimination, winner take all competition, where the buy in is a Warhammer 40k metal blister of any kind.  If I can manage to win this, I will possibly get a random assortment of models, which could be fun to paint, so I am hopeful about it.  If anyone has any experience with Kill Zone and has things that work and others that don't, I would LOVE and help out there.  Otherwise I'll fumble in the dark and maybe bust out my zombie Death Company or some assorted Chaos with Berserkers, Noise Marines, and Plague Marines all represented.  Anyhow, I'm off to put some models together and take a break from this beastie, so until next time, remember this: getting a table for one at Chucky Cheese is NOT an easy task!

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  1. For anyone reading, I have weathered the legs now and finished everything but the shin plates. Once they are done and on, I will have newer pics up. The weathering broke up the monotonous color of the flat silvers and greens and looks sexy. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow!