Friday, February 4, 2011

Dias of Destruction WIP coming along!

So, my buddy John from the blog The Autoforge has been working on a conversion of Vect and his Dias of Destruction for me for a few days now, and it is coming out so well I felt the need to throw pics up.  The concept is basically a Ravager and a Eldar Fire Prism combined, with the Ravager over the Raider so that I could get 3 Dark Lances for it (as well as increase my horde of DE bits :D ) and the Fire Prism so that he could use the turret to widen out the Ravager body a bit.  Also on the plus side is that there are so many extra bits left over from the Fire Prism that he will be attempting a DE flier conversion after he finishes the Dias.  For the crew, we felt that regular Kabalite Warriors just wouldn't cut it for somebody of Vect's stature, so I got John to convert up some Incubi to man the Dias.  Those fella's came out great, as you will see shortly.  And since Vect doesn't just sit on his Dias all day (unless you get a horrific first turn and he dies, or you're just plain crazy), we needed a dismounted version of him.  So without rambling TOO much more, here is what we have come up with so far:

These are a few shots of what the crew is looking like so far.  If you look at their backs, you can see that their close combat weapons are slung across their backs, instead of just discarded.  The front guy is manning the Dark Lance, while the dude in the middle is actually steering the Dias.  With Vect being high atop his throne, we had to figure out where to steer from.  I think the way we worked it out ended up well enough.  It'll be far more clear though once it is painted though.

Here is Vect on his throne.  Two things: He doesn't have a head yet, John is green stuffing one practically from scratch, which is coming out nicely, and secondly that is in fact a wench laying next to him.  She's an old Reaper model John had laying in his bits box just for an occasion like this!

Here are two pics of what this piece of plastic murder looks like without the crew.  I asked John to leave the crew and anything else possible off the deck so it would be worlds easier to paint.  Everything on the deck has a specific spot to pop into once painted, so it will be as easy as putting a drop of glue down and done!

And finally here is the conversion of Vect dismounted.  With the new Incubi models looking so amazing, we just couldn't justify using a measly Kabalite Warrior.  The small amounts of green stuff work done to him works out nicely, however we aren't 100% on keeping the head yet.  We'll have to see how John's scratch made DE head turns out.  Might just make an exact copy of it out of resin so that the two match perfectly, but we'll see when the time comes.

Anyways, I am still working on putting the rest of my giant Dark Eldar army together, so hopefully I will be able to get a picture of the whole Kabal assembled by next weekend or so.  I also figured that an army of this scale would need it's own bag, so I order a P.A.C.K Plus and a 1520 XL from Battlefoam today, equipped of course with their new Dark Eldar pre-cut foam trays.  Once I get those in (in an estimated 2-3 weeks >.<  ) I will do a review on here on what I actually think of them, so stay tuned!

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