Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on the Dias of Destruction!!!!

So, now that John from The Autoforge is back from Rhode Island, I have him back to working his skin off for me to get this Dias of Destruction done.  All I can say after seeing it tonight is one word: EPIC!  He added sails to the back, as well as bulked it out a little bit more with some Dark Eldar bits of goodness thrown here and there.  Also, he make intact's for the engines out of plasticard, which came out amazingly.  Anyways, take a look  below to see how amazing epic this thing is coming along.  I CANNOT wait to get this bad boy painted!

These are a few shots of the Dias of Destruction without the crew or wenches on it, which gives you a much better view of the conversion work done to the actual vehicle itself. The work done by John here gives it a very distinct Dark Eldar feel, however it also break away from the look of a plain Raider or Ravager, since it is Vect's personal transport afterall.

Here is a shot of the intake work by John, as well as showing just a little more detail as well. In case you didn't notice, there is a Dark Lance under each of those intakes, so that the vehicle has the three Dark Lances as per the Codex. I also wanted it to hang down so that in a game I could say that they rotate on a near 360, since I didn't notice the Codex stating anything otherwise.

And finally, I leave you all with a pic showing how John's sculpt of Vect's head came out. I think this will look absolutely amazing painted, and look even better as I stab somebody in their face with it for being the first person to kill it on the table. It makes me sad to realise that after all this work, it will eventually die. Anyways, I will hopefully have more for you as this week progresses!  Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment.


  1. Thanks. If the God's of Wargaming allow, it will be finished here in the next couple of days, and I'll be able to airbrush the base coat onto it and see how it looks then!

  2. Now THAT is impressive :-) Waiting eagerly to see it painted. Dare I ask where you got the ... nubile attendants?

  3. See now I was waiting to stumble upon something like this in the blog-o-sphere. Great looking conversion. I like how Vect is big pimpin in the back. So Awesome.

    It certainly gives me ideas for my upcoming Dias.

  4. Love Vects facial expression, so self-assured