Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where I stand on projects...

Okay, to catch everybody up to where I stand currently, I have taken pictures today of what I have been working on as of late.  Currently I have a WFB Chaos Daemons army, a Tyranid army, and I will be starting up a sizable Dark Eldar army when it all gets here Friday.  My Tyranid list is MC heavy, and I think they are the focal point of the army, at least visually, so I have been working on them primarily, as the little guys will be "easy" to knock out in an assembly line after I get the paint scheme fine tuned.  So without much more talking here goes.

To me, every army needs a center piece.  For me, it's my Trygon's.  Not only are they amazing models, they are monsters in the game (no pun intended).  Having three of them in my 2500 point list has worked out very well for me so far, with luck all three of them out on the table on turn 2 works out GREAT for keeping the enemy busy while the rest of my army advances.

I still have more detail to do on this massive guys, but this gets the details down pretty well.  I'll be doing highlights on the bleached bone, teeth, as well as a free hand design on the backs to take up some of the free space.  The issue I have been running into with them is trying to keep it from looking like it's too busy.  For me, simplicity done right speaks volumes over something crazy and crowded.

Here is an amazing model, compliments of Chapter House Studios. Right now they are having legal issues with GW from what I have read, but I am hoping the best for them because of the absolutely awesome work they do. This kit is actually a resin kit that fits pretty well onto a GW Carnifex kit, and bulks it out and adds birthing sacs. It's designed to keep most of the GW parts so it stays tournament legal, which is nice, and I only had to shave down a little bit of the resin to make it fit. I added the Gaunt coming out of the bottom myself by taking an old Hormagaunt I had laying around in a bits box, taking the front claws off, and cutting it in half till it fit. Very simple conversion, and looks very fitting in my opinion. Painting wise, this guy is running the same issue as the Trygon's. I also need to paint the rim of the base black, as you can see there is still grey primer and green wash exposed on it, haha.

Here is the general idea of what I am going to be running with all my little critters. He still needs to be based like the bigger monsters with the desert theme, but I painted him several months ago to test the armies paint scheme. Not bad for about 15 minutes of work.

All said and done, my Tyranid army is pretty much assembled (unless GW comes out with more models like the have promised, which I am not holding my breath for). I will try to get up more pics as I do more with it. This army is a project my wife is working with me on, so I usually only touch these guys when she is willing to help me. I'm lucky enough to have her help me paint, and she is actually very good at it so it's almost cheating, hehe. Now if only I could get her to actually play a game....

Anyways, I'm going to end this with a test model I have been working on for a day or two for my upcoming Dark Eldar army. This is a simple conversion of the Baron that kinda popped into my head last week. The base is completely finished, but I am still in the process of getting the base colors on the Baron himself, so he is sort of lacking on the good looks department at the moment. I had to make a special base because of the angle I wanted him to be flying at, so I hope you all like it.

Sorry about this post being so long, trying to get this site up to date with where I stand, so bear with me for a few days if you could! As always, if you have any questions about anything on my blog, feel free to message me.

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