Monday, July 2, 2012

News from me, and something I MUST buy!

So the fires here in Colorado Springs have kept me occupied for the last week, as a very good friend of mine was forced to evacuate his home so I put him up in mine.  I was busy playing the role of a good host, so I had literally no time to work on any of my models.  I was wayyyyyyy to busy keeping my house clean and drinking on the porch all week.  Anyways, his house is fine, and he is no longer in the mandatory evacuation area, so I have my house to myself again!  As for the mention of what I must buy, I came across an AWESOME invention by a painter who goes by the interwebs name of Rathcore.  He is an amazing painter and sculptor, and he came up with a tool that lets you hold a project steady with out getting your dirty mugs all over it.  Check out below for more info.

So I was looking at a post on Massive Voodoo and this is what it was about.  Basically the bottom is cork so you can place pinned minis on it, and there is a bar hanging over head so that you can get a solid grip on the whole thing.  If you read the blog post, this guy came up with the idea for himself, and then has made ever single one of these things by hand as well.  I'm definatelly getting a couple once I get paid.  Anyways, head over to his blog and check them out.  This dude is definately talented as well, so there is cool stuff to look at besides the mini holders.

As for what I have been up to, I have everything that I stipped, minus the jacks, put back together and primed now.  The jacks and the two Battle Engines are stripped, but in pieces.  True story here by the way, Privateer Press' resin loves primer.  I only had to soak the medal model in purple power for 20 minutes for the paint just to fall off at the slightest touch, but the resin took THREE DAYS of soaking to come clean.  It took the paint off only a layer at a time, and since my drunk genious self sprayed like 500 layers of primer, it took a while.  But it's done, so I will be working on my models again this week.  I have a few appointments at the VA hospital, but hopefully I'll finally get my disability rating, since I initially filled over 1 year ago...douches.

But I digress.  Also happening soon at my FLGS will be a painting competition!  It's an interesting one to say the least.  You can submit 1 model of ANY kind, there are no seperate categories, and the prize is one of the large $160 Vallejo Paint Sets.  The models will be displayed in the store for two weeks, with the voting happening on Facebook so that nobody can just reset their IP address and keep voting.  Once this starts, I'll post pictures of my entry here, but I'll need everyone and their mom to vote for me so that I can feel special and shit...  But that won't happen for a month or so.  Maybe if I win, I'll give away a prize on here to my followers.  Who knows.

Anyways, that is just a small update to let everyone know I am still alive and gaming.  With 6th edition now out, I am selling my Thousand Sons on ebay so that I can buy more Demons, as well as IG, to beef out my Death Guard army.  There is already somebody bidding on it, so it WILL sell this time, but if anyone else feels like bidding, here is the link:


I started the bidding REALLY low, so please help me not lose money, haha.  It comes with all of the models, all of the extra bits which I haven't used yet (which is over $100 worth of Scibor and Kromlech stuff, plus the GW bits), as well as some extra Chapter House True Scale Storm Raven kits and Heresy Era Rhino kits.

Until next time, everyone stay safe and hydrate!!!!  It's a hot summer, so lay off the Mountain Dew!


  1. Glad to hear you and yours are out of immediate danger down there, man! That painter's tool-holder-thing is really slick! I'm looking into picking one up as well.

    Glad to see the KSons have a buyer, bummed that you're not going to be applying your particular brand of magic to 'em though. Looking forward to seeing more of your Death Guard though!

    1. Yeah, I'm sad to see them go, but I really need to stop bouncing off the walls with all these projects and just settle into some serious ones that I have been neglecting. Plus, I'm also contemplating getting a Reaver Titan for my Chaos army, since everyone is HUGE into Apoc here in the Springs.

    2. $1000 later of course. ;)

  2. Haha, yeah. That's the only downside. But with the sale of the Thousand Sons, I'll have enough for that and my detail airbrush I have been having erotic fantasies about...