Thursday, July 19, 2012

An update for you all!

This picture sums up my feelings...I WANTS MAH CHAOS MAHRINEZ!!!!!!  But all bad spelling aside, I realllllllly do.  Until then I guess I just have to finish some Dust models and weather them using my new AK Interactives stuff. 

I really haven't done too much lately.  My game room is upstairs, and my house has no AC, so it gets very hot.  My paint dries within minutes of pouring it on my pallet, and I ran out of paper for my wet pallet and I have been too lazy to buy more.  So basically I have been sitting downstairs in my house in my boxers with a fan blasting on me, making all sorts of characters for my FLGS's Black Crusade campaign.  Picture that.  Just do it.  You know you like it.

Other than that though, I signed up for a writing conference in Denver which will be in September.  It focuses primarily on military based writing, whether that be humor, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, etc.  I have always wanted to write a book about my time in Afghanistan, so if I finally decide to do it, this will help me outI guess.  If any of you are interested by the way, here is a link to it.  It's called the Sangria Summit.  It's three days, has some great authors speaking (one of my favorites, actually.  John Holmes, who writes Power Point Ranger.  If you've ever been in the military, check out his comic.  It's hilarious.) and the best reason is that my FLGS is offering a deal where if you sign up you get a $300 gift card!  It does cost $195, but that gets you all three days of the conference, with lunch provided on Thursday and Friday.  So you can pay $195 to get a $300 gift card, even if you don't actually show up.  I am actually attending though, so yeah.

In other news, I have started playing Black Crusade.  I'm not normally a fan of RPG's, but the group is great, and actually knows the 40k fluff and they all play accordingly.  I like that.  So after my first game this Sunday (I just watched last week) I'll let everyone know what I think.  I made a Dark Apostle as my first character, so it should be fun.

Onto final news, I bought even MORE Dust toys to play with, and I have to say that I love how their models come in the box.  Assembled, primed, and awesome.  You can also pay double price on their web page to buy pre-painted models, which are actually to a high table top standard.  I might buy a few just to see what they actually look like in real life.  Who knows.  I really love how the game plays, and with me jumping into it a few other people are on the fence about playing now.  Hopefully we'll get a good following at my FLGS.  And if not, I'll just paint the models and display them or something.

That's really it for now.  I didn't want to go an obscene amount of time without posting, so I figured I would fill all of you in with what I'm up to.  Stay tuned for some hopefully good looking WIP pictures of my Axis Army.


  1. Hey DTV, I heard what happend in Colorado. I heard you say you live up there. Hope your all ok.

    1. Yeah, I live in Colorado Springs, which is just south of Aurora. I do have friends up there, but they and their families are alright, which is good. Thanks for checking in though man! Now, if only Squats would come out...haha.

    2. Alright thats good man haha. Soon they will. Very soon....