Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beerhammer 40k, Version 1.0

So I have finally sat down and hashed out the rules for this.  I have played it in the past, and I know there is another blogger who wrote something similar, but I can't remember who.  I used some inspiration from a Dakka Dakka post that google found, but here is what I came up with.  Feel free to use these, and add any suggestions in the comments section.  As my friends and I play more, I will actually be updating these every once and a while to stay current, fun, and mildly dangerous.

Beerhammer 40k
Rules Version 1.0
Updated 7 July 2012

1.  Army size, mission type, and deployment all follow normal 6th edition rules.  House rules are allowed, as long as all players approve beforehand.

2.  Each player gets 2 shots of liquor at the start, which will be placed within eyesight of all players, but in a location that guarantees that no party fouls will incur.  These shots can be given to an opponent at any time, which then must be consumed, OR the owning player can drink one of their own shots to reroll any one roll during the game.  The results of that reroll must then be used, regardless of the outcome.

3.  Each player must have a drink in hand (of any kind, as long as there is alcohol in it) at all times.  Once the drink is gone, the cup/can/shot glass can then be placed on the table as terrain.  If you wish to place a cup during your opponents turn, you must first take an additional shot (not from your two that placed aside) or chug an extra beer.  If you do the extra shot/beer, that container can NOT be used as terrain.  Any beer cans / cups/ containers count as impassable terrain, and block ALL line of sight through it.

4.  All containers on the table may be destroyed, and as such have the following stats:
                Plastic cups:                                                                                   AV 10, 2 Hull Points
                Beer Cans:                                                                                      AV 10, 3 Hull Points
                Shot Glasses/ actual glassware:                                                 AV 11, 3 Hull Points
                40 ounce cans/ bottles:                                                               AV 12, 3 Hull Points
                An empty liquor bottle:                                                               AV 14, 5 Hull Points

                LoS either can or cannot be drawn to the containers, as such that no container will               ever receive a cover save.  These pieces can be repaired however by any unit that could normally repair Hull Points on a vehicle.

5.  One unit can be nominated as the "Town Drunks".  At the beginning of each turn, a player can roll to see how drunk his unit is.  Roll 1D6, and consult the table below:
(1) - Over Confident:  Unit is WS and BS for 1, but gains the Fearless USR.
(2) - Happy Drunk: Unit is stumbling around drunk and gains the Slow and Purposeful USR.
(3) - Stumbling Drunk:  Unit is so stumbling drunk that they are falling over randomly and frequently.  They have -1 to their BS, but gain a 4+ cover save due to the fact that the enemy cannot guess when they will fall.
(4) - Instant Ninja:  The unit is so drunk that they think they are ninjas.  Enemy units within 6" fight at -1 Initiative because they don't know if they are actually ninjas or not.
(5) - Angry Drunk: Unit is ready to fight, and gains the Rage USR.
(6) - "I can't feel a thing!" :  Unit is so drunk that they no longer feel pain.  The unit gets FNP (4+).

6.  The game is over after one of these conditions is met:
-6 Rounds has passed, in which case you would follow normal rules to determine the winner.
-A player loses all of his models on the table.  If that player has units in reserve, they are              counted as destroyed and the game ends anyways.
-One player vomits.  Vomiting at any time is not only a party foul, but also forces a loss.  Drinking within your limits is something that must be balance in this game, or else anyone who could puke and rally would just cover the table in terrain.
-One player passes out.  If a player passes out mid game, not only does he/she lose, the winning player is required to draw his best version of one of their HQ choices on the losing players face.  With permanent marker.  Doing something inappropriate.  This is a MUST!!!!
-If a player commits three party fouls, they must forfeit the game.  Party fouls are determined by the owner of the house/business, but may include the following:
-Spilling a drink
-Drunk dialing an ex
-Holding up a game by any outrageous means, such as hitting on a person of the opposite sex, who I can guarantee doesn't care about your level 13 wizard in Pathfinder
-Crying.  For any reason.
-Being "That Guy".

7.  These rules are not all encompassing, and the person hosting the event may add to these rules at any time.   If the rules are expanded, however, all players must be notified beforehand.

Like I said, these are still a work in progress.  I have friends coming over tonight who are going to help me test these rules, so I'll see how they work out and adjust as needed!


  1. I kinda want to try this but being a married man and a Doctor getting wasted wont fly with me haha. Have fun!

  2. Haha, I'm married, and the wifey and I are playing with another couple while the kid is asleep upstairs. We're TRYING to not get wasted, but considering we haven't even started yet and we've had a few beers and a shot of absinthe a piece, not looking good...haha.

  3. So yeah, I'll have pictures up tomorrow of what the table looked like at the end. It's taking me forever to type this, as I have had quite a few drinks now. Absinthe is the devil. Vodka sucks too.

  4. I want to see the pick where someone has passed out on the table haha.

  5. Surprisingly nobody passed out, although I did wake up a bit after 4am to vomit harder than I ever have in my life. I have pictures, but while nursing my hangover today I didn't get around to editing them. Hopefully I'll be able to do it tomorrow. Everyone had a great time though, and it is DEFINATELY something that we'll be doing again soon.

    1. Haha I can imagine. I know some of my friends did a 500 point game with GK. Every time a model died they had to take a shot. of the guys starting EATING his terminator with a pyscannon. Now I keep the video for a rainy day....