Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cypher, rushed but painted

So for my local Black Crusade campaign, I made a Fallen Angel.  We use models to represent stuff in our group, so I decided to dust off the old Cypher model that I had laying around and actually paint him.  This was done fairly rushed, in about 5 hours total (which includes dry times) because I had a game to play with it this afternoon, but I am still pretty happy about how it came out.  Check out below for more info and pictures.

So I went with the black armor instead of the green, because I believe that since Cypher "fell" during the Horus Heresy, he would have kept his armor black.  It says otherwise on GW's site, but sue me, I think they're wrong, haha. 

Speaking of that, up until recently the details below the Cypher model in GW's site said "Product Undefined".  It was like that since early-mid last year at the least.  When I went to paint this model, I pulled it up, here is what it says now:

"The occasional glimpse of the dark green power armour beneath Cypher's long robes bears that there can be no doubt that he is in some manner connected to the Dark Angels. Some whisper that he may represent the Fallen Angels' only chance of redemption and that his seemingly random appearances hide a pattern which reveals that he is slowly moving across the galaxy towards Terra and the Emperor himself."

Maybe the rumors of the new Dark Angels codex having rules for the Fallen Angels is true!  That's fairly heavy wishing on my part, but I can always dream.  I would love to have a Fallen Angels army to sit along side my Chaos, but I may have to just counts-as a Fallen Angels army using chaos bits, Dark Angels kits, and the new Dark Angels codex.  It really wouldn't be a bad idea, because then I could just buy a few of the starter sets and have a large chunk of models.

Anyways, here are some other angles of the model.  As you may notice if you frequent my site, I finally set something up to make my pictures look legit!  Just in time for me to break it down next week when I move into my new house!  Hooray for creating more work for myself.  I'll put pictures up of the new man cave once it's built, and then hopefully my table will actually get built as well, haha. 

This picture doesn't show it too well, but I airbrushed the sword blue because my character in Black Crusade has a Frozen Shard.  Otherwise I would have went with something a little cooler, like maybe green.

It's hard to read, but on his Bolt Pistol I have the word "HATE" written on the side.  Not pictured is his left shoulder pad, which has the name "LUTHER" written on it as well.  It's the details that make the model ;)

Anyways, I'm off to bed now, so thanks for reading and I hope to have some more pictures up soon.


  1. That turned out really nice! Good stuff, I dig the little detail work, and the base looks really cool as well.

  2. Thanks. The more I think about it, the more I plan to do a Fallen Angels army once DA are out honestly. I need to figure out a better way to do the black armor, but for now I need to put together all my Chaos Marines once the codex comes out, as well as the near $500 I spent on Daemons yesterday, haha.