Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drinking and painting equals...

Stripping models!  So yeah, priming and painting drunk may not be the best idea.  My proof is my Cygnar army.  I have about 30 some odd models that I am in the process of stripping and washing off.  Tons of fun.  When drunk, I screwed up in way too many ways:

-Used WAY too much primer on the models
-Primed in my garage while it was raining, so the humidity made everything fuzzy
-then sponged on rust colors, and went straight to sponging on liquid latex, without varnishing first.  This meant that the latex REALLY got a firm hold in between all the ridges of the models that the fuzziness created
-Next morning while hung over, I convinced myself I could fix it.  How?  By putting MORE paint on the models.  4 layers to be exact.  And wash. 

So after wasting a few hours and a bunch of paint, I had to go out and buy Purple Power to fix it all.  Most of the models are stripped to the metal, which is nice, but I still have a few left and then I get to start all over.  Yay me.  So, lesson learned.  Maybe.  And by maybe, I mean probably not.

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  1. After about 3.5 hours, I have the majority of the models cleaned and put back together. A bunch of htem cam eapart at the joints, so I had to clean the remaining glue off and put them back together. However, my power drill was fully charged so I took this opportunity to pin a bunch of stuff.