Monday, January 16, 2012

Necron army so far...

So, here is what I have painted so far.  It totals up to 15 Immortals with Tesla's, 5 Lychguards with Hyperphase Swords and Dispersion fields, a Overlord with Staff of Light and Res Orb, and a Command Barge with Tesla as well.  Once I get my 5 Deathmarks put together, I will have my 500 point list for the league painted up, which will allow me some free time to paint other things.  Check below for a closer picture of the lord...

So yeah, here he is.  A few things:

There are holes in this model EVERYWHERE.  This latest batch of Finecast I got over Christmas is hands down the worst I have seen.  I have two Flayed Ones with parts of their legs missing from giant bubbles, this lord had bubbles all over, including a missing eye which became quite noticeable as I went to paint it and realised he was missing it (the left one as you look at it...), and Imotekh has bubbles all over his body as well.  I filled what I saw with liquid green stuff, but it's not easy to catch everyone, or even impossible to resculpt legs (not impossible exactly, but I'll be damned if I do it).  I've been meaning to call GW about it, and from what I hear their customer service is top notch once you get them on the phone, so I hope this gets fixed.

Anyways, talking with my wife, she agrees with my assessment that the shoulders on all of the models, as well as the red headdress parts of the Lychguard and Lord, need something.  They are single color red, and stand out painfully.  So I decided that since I need to paint squad markings anyways for the league to score extra points on painting, I'm going to paint some on the shoulders of just about everyone.  They will be simple geometric shapes, like a single line, or parallel lines, etc, and I am not 100% sure of the color yet, but I am leaning towards white, gold, silver, and maybe a yellow/orange.  It would be a different color for every FOC slot, most likely with gold for HQ's, silver for Elites, white for Troops, and who knows what for Fast Attack and Heavy choices.  I think that it will help break up the solids though on the model, which will look great in the end.

Anyways, my list of things to paint is rather large still:

  1. 5x Deathmarks
  2. 5x Immortals
  3. 3x Destroyers
  4. 24x Warriors
  5. 1x Imotekh
  6. 1x Lord with Warcsythe and Res Orb
  7. 1x Command Barge
  8. 2x Ghost Ark
  9. 1x Monolith
I'll be getting 3 more Barges, which will be built as Annihilation Barges, as well as a few more Ghost Arks, lots more Warriors (and I guess scarabs too, huh?), and whatever comes with this fabled second wave.  I also have another box of Praetorians/Lychguard that I am not sure what I am going to do with, but I am leaning to converting 5 Cryptechs, since I have having 5 models that look exactly the same and cost a fortune (looking at you,'re on my shit list for the time being) is not what I consider ideal. 

Also, I painted the Obelisk that I won from the great buys over at Santa Cruz Warhammer finally!  It's made by Mr. Justin and his crew at Secret Weapon Miniatures, and I liked it so much I plan on buying a few more for whenever I decide to make a display board for these Necrons!  Thanks again for the awesome piece guys, and also for the last few weeks of love on your weekly Honor Roll.  Enough blabbering though, here is the picture!

As for my fun models, I have been considering dabbling in Fantasy, since I love how some of the new Vampire Counts models look, and I think it would help break the monotony that will eventually settle in with painting so many damn Necrons, haha.  I just have no idea how to play, so building a list is a pain in the ass when you're shooting in the dark, and it's a very new codex so there isn't many proven net lists out there yet.  We'll see though, since I don't have much time to screw around with it anyways, but it's on my radar for the time being.

Anyways, I like how this army is coming along, and it's the first army in a very long time that I have actually felt motivated to paint.  I think I will be truly satisfied once I figure out how I am going to break up the solids, but until then I can live with where they are all at.  We'll see how my gaming goes this week, because if it starts going south I may need to tweak my list a bit and paint a whole new batch of models!  Yay me.  Until then, feel free to comment with any suggestions, criticisms, cool stories where you find five dollars or get shot in the knee, etc.


  1. Really looking good - the obelisk is coming along nicely! As far as squad markings, may I suggest a spot color that really contrasts against the reds of the models? I like the idea of geometric designs, stripes, etc, perhaps in electric blues or purples? I fear that gold or yellow/orange would blend too much with the existing color palate. Nevertheless, I'm sure that whatever you use will end up looking sweet - keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, I like the idea of contrasting colors. I think that the white would stand out great, but I think that what I need to do is get a sheet of plasticard, base coat it the red that the shoulders are, and try a plethora of colors to see what stands out without looking horribly out of place.

  3. I think metallics for markings would end up blending in too much. Have you considered a light green instead?

    Otherwise, these are looking great. A shame about the Failcast tho, even now, they still can't get it right.

  4. Haha, yeah, I was looking at the 360 view of the Overlord model on GW's website, and if you spin it and look at the cloak, you can see holes in their display model even! That's when you know your QA department sucks. As for the markings, I think you guys are right. I'm going to come up with a color scheme that works for each FOC, using bright, non-metalic colors. The trick for me will be to find colors that stand out while not clashing horribly like an 80's music video...

  5. I agree with the others a bright blue or green I think would work well to solve your problem.