Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Necron test model!!!!

So here is the test model I knock out this morning for my Immortals.  This will be the general theme for all my infantry, with different variations for the different types of course.  I need to figure out squad markings still, as well as clean up the silver after my lazy ass washes it, haha.  All said and done though, it's a fairly easy paint job that I won't lose my mind repeating several hundred times (okay, not that many, but still, quite a few times).  Anyways, here is the other four from the box, built in two pieces to paint it easier, since I did air brush both sides of the gun.

I should be able to finish these by Sunday, since tomorrow I will be pre-occupied with my FLGS's annual auction!  I'm selling off three 40k armies and my Warmachine goodies, so hopefully I can then get new models for the three armies I am keeping for 40k. 

In other news, I joined a Combat Patrol league last night for 40k that is based off of the rules put out for Adepticon this year.  Basically it's just 400 point games, 1 Troop choice required, everything else is optional.  You can get one of each other slot in the FOC, with an extra "swing" slot that lets you take a second choice from any slot of your choice, though at 400 points I don't know what you're looking to double down on.  Should be "fun," but at least it gets me out of the house and meeting new gamers in my area.  I'll be playing my Necrons for this one.

In other news, my store is also holding a Dreadnought Bash, in which you build and paint something comparable to a Dread that is under 120 points (Dreads, Wraithlords, Sentinels, Talos', etc), and on the third night of the event you do some sort of arena style Dreadnought combat.  Should be fun.  I'm either going with a Talos or one of my Death Guard Dreads I have yet to paint.  We'll see whats up next week.

Anyways, I am off to pick up my spawn from the daytime child prison I send him to in the mornings, so until next time, I'm Ron Burgandy? 


  1. Looking closer at the head I realize how sloppy I did this one. Guess I have to touch up a bit more than I thought. But like I said, this was a test model. About 50% effort goes into test models. Unless they turn out great, and then I totally busted my ass and I deserve accolades.

  2. I think if the red was deeper (Tho could be the pics), this scheme would look really good.

    Love it otherwise!

  3. Yeah, the red is a very dark color. but for some reason has a gloss to it. Matte varnish wouldn't take it out, so who knows. Regardless, it's a problem I will fix when I assembly line paint these guys. I'll probably end up air brushing on the shoulder coloring anyways to save time. Annoys the hell out of me though when it's all shiny. Stoopid paints. Or stoopid painter, who knows.