Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fancy Necron shields!!!!!

So I decided that I needed some Lychguards to paint.  The shields just called out to me to play with.  So, after several hours of putting on masking tape, airbrushing, taking off masking tape, and repeating too many times, this is how they came out.  I am happy.  A kind of happy that could only be equalled by a leaked PDF of 6th edition magically appearing on the Internet.  Oh, what's that you say?  One did appear?  YAY MAGIC! (though not the card game....grrrrr, magic the gathering)  Anyways, check below for more pictures of individual dudesmen!

So yeah, I really like how those shields came out.  While being tedious beyond belief, it wasn't really hard to do.  I'm really liking these Necrons now, so I ordered a Tomb Stalker from Forge World!  That will be pretty sweet to paint, but now I have to struggle over how to paint it....FML.  I think I have a fairly good idea in my mind and what not, but we'll see.

On to other news, my auction ends tomorrow night!  This is a GREAT deal considering the starting bid is almost half the cost of everything, not including the AMAZING paint job.  I'm hoping somebody buys it, since I kinda really need the money.  If not, I guess I can always just work the corner like my wife tells me to.  It's cold though, and I don't like strangers.

Anyways, enough of that nonsense.  Up next for me is two more 5 man Immortal squads and a Destroyer!  Nothing too fancy probably, but I do what to try some cool kid stuff with the green rods for the Destroyer, so we'll see how that goes.  Until next time, zip it up, and zip it out!


  1. Great job on these, the colors blend into each other quite nicely!

  2. Those are indeed very fancy. Unusual colour choice for 'crons but you're rockin' it.

  3. Loving it! They really give off a sense of heat, beautifully done!

  4. When you've got the whole lot done and stood all ready on a tabletop people are going to talk. And a Stalker too? Can't wait to see what scheme you've got planned for that beast.

  5. Blending technique tutorial I think is in order please =]