Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So after screwing around with these guys for the last week, and not wanting to paint due to the fact that I have been sick and in bed most of the time, these guys are finally done.  I wanted to go with a more subdued color to them, since I have a hard time putting bright colors to anything along the lines of a sniper (damn you military training).  I like the black base, not just because it will stand out from my army and provide a nice contrast, but also because it really makes glow effects off the lights and what not pop out more.  I tried doing a hard highlight with a dark red along the black, but I don't have any brushes that have their tip anymore, so it didn't come out pretty, haha.  I did order a whole new set of brushes though, which was long over due, so that might force me to go back and highlight everything.  Anyways, check below for more pictures as usual.

Yup, so there you go.  Like I said, fairly subdued colors.  The only critique I could throw on myself right off the bat is the reds I used.  I think if I do more I am going to get a fourth red in as the final, something brighter and along the lines of a pink almost.  While the gradient looks good in person (just trust me on this one, haha), I think that it can be better. 

Anyways, I ordered the rest of my Necron army over the weekend.  I don't need to buy anything else now until the second wave comes out, and then it is like 100 Nightsycthes and at least 3000 Triarch Stalkers.  I also contemplated buying two more Tomb Stalkers, but at that price for a model I'll rarely be able to use, I'm going to wait to see how my first one turns out before I commit to that.

I also decided to hold on Fantasy for a bit longer as well.  It would cost a lot of money for me to jump on in, and with these Necrons needing to be painted for my league, and my Thousand Sons glaring at me in anger, I don't need more on my plate right now.  Plus that money can go to much better things, like new tires for my car.  Or money to take the wifey on a real date.  You know, things that will prevent me from getting killed.

I think up next will be the three Destroyers I have built.  I don't intend to use them for a while, but they are just sitting there, and they shouldn't be too hard to paint either.  Plus, it will let me try my hand and airbrushing the green rods.  I'm not sure if I want to paint them on the sprue or throw them in and paint them, but I'll find out soon enough.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get more things knocked out here this week, and I had a very unproductive week last week, but no promises.  I'm still feeling sick, so I only manage to get stuff done between doses of Mucinex and NyQuil.


  1. Get better soon.

    Nice to see my fav new unit from the Necron Codex being painted, seems not many like the Deathmarks :(

  2. Nice work! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your Thousand Sons too - All is Dust!

  3. Yeah, they are kinda iffy in the higher point lists, but are amazing at smaller points. I attach a Phaeron with them, so I then have a unit of snipers that is relentless with Rapid Fire Sniper Rifles for less than 100 points (plus the IC, of course).

  4. I played Necrons long ago and sold them to a friend a WHILE back. Seeing your army coming together really makes me want to start them up again! It's coming along great. Thanks!

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