Friday, December 23, 2011

Necron test model turned out snazzy!

So yes, I haven't posted in a while, but I have plenty of excuses:
  1. I have been busy with taking finals.  5 classes for a Computer Engineering degree is not easy, and in fact, is very time consuming.
  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic came out, and my friends decided that I should run our guild.  Our name is <Death Star Glee Club>, and we're on Kinrath Spider.  If you haven't had a chance to play the game, then you probably still have a life.
  3. The holidays!  Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, lots of parties and "get togethers".  And booze.  Lots of it.
  4. My dog ate my homework?  I dunno.
So there we have it, my bullshit list of excuses!  However, I did jump into the world of airbrushing (well, for something other than base coating that is), and this is what turned up.  This will be the color scheme of my Necrons, whenever I get around to them.  After the holidays, it's crunch time on the Thousand Sons, so the metal bad asses will have to wait >.<  Anyways, as usual, more pictures below!

So yes, I need to work on the actual Necrons themselves a bit.  The overlord isn't even built in fact, since I don't know what I intend to do with him.  I also need to go back over areas where the wash pooled on the model.  You can see it mostly on their arms.  It's pretty terribad to be honest.  But oh well.  All said and done, I ended up using 2 shades of red to base coats, and 5 shades of orange for the detail work.  The "fluff" I am building for these guys is that way back in the day, they were on a newly formed volcanic planet.  Hence the colors.  But now for the twist!!!!!  Since their millions years sleep (or however long it's been, doesn't matter), the planet has slowly drifted away from the stars habitable zone, so it has slowly become an ice world!  (TWIST! TWIST!)  So that being said, I am going to be doing snow bases for them.  I think that the bright white bases, with dark soil, will contrast the models themselves in a nice way so that the bases are noticed, yet don't detract from the models themselves.  Plus I haven't had a real go at using snow effect before, so it should be "fun."

Anyways, we'll see how Christmas fares for me, so until then, may your holidays be bright, and you games pathetically easy!


  1. That color scheme's gonna reach out across the table and jump at folks - I love it.