Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I love winning things on the internet, and you could too!

So, thanks to Santa Cruz Warhammer, I have again won something on the Internet!  This time I managed to snag a new Archeo-Tech Obelisk from the guys over at Secret Weapon Miniatures (who as many may know, I already love).  Mr. Justin makes an excellent product, and he gives all current and prior military veterans a 10% discount, so I stand behind their product 110% !!!  "But how do I win cool prizes on the Internet?" You may ask.  Well, check out below to find out!

So, as I posted prior, there is a charity going on, Blood Ravens Army Project, and I think that they need A LOT more help with donations from the blogosphere.  It's being raffled off in a similar manner to how the Heroes of Armageddon armies were, which simply is that for every x amount of dollars you donate, you get x amount of tickets!  "But what if I don't win this awesome army?" you ask me.  Well, you just did your good deed for the week and Santa is watching!  This raffle is going to Child's Play (not the movie), which is a great charity that helps out sick and needy kids.  You don't hate sick and needy kids, do you?  I doubt it.  I also highly doubt that many of you out there would hate to win a awesome looking army!  So please, donate this holiday season.  I have donated $80 so far, and even if I don't win, I still feel good helping others.  As of me writing this post they have only raised $674, and I honestly think that's a damn shame.  As our GW proves with their yearly price hikes, we as gamers have a larger disposable income than most (somehow...).  Do something good with it this time! 

Just to show you what's up for grabs, here is a picture of the Sternguard models that just got painted up for the army:

They look pretty great to me, honestly. 

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