Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thousand Sons update!

So I got my heads in over the week, finally (now if only my FLGS would get in the rest of the legs...grrrr.  Week 6 and counting).  They look pretty good, and I am planning on using the different head styles that I got to differentiate between squad types.  Pictured above is what I chose for Librarians and/or special characters.  Haven't decided yet.  I like the head though.  Check out below for more pictures of the different heads in use, as well as my Caestus with a little more paint on it.

So here we go:

Here is my Purgation Squad's Justicar.  I like how it makes him look a little bulkier and slower, which I picture all my heavy support options as, haha.  This is what I plan to use on all my Purgation Justicars from now on.

Here is my Purifier Knight of the Flame.  The head is very interesting, and I like the sleek design of it.  Same as above, all three of my Purifier Knight of the Flames have it.

And an example of what the regular heads look like.  This head will be used on every body that isn't a squad upgrade, except guys in Terminator armor.  I got 40 of these heads, so I have a few to play around with still after this, though I will probably need more. 

I have 20 Forge World Mark IV Armour sets coming in (20 total, not 20 sets of 5), and I am thinking about whether I want to use them as Interceptors or as GKSS.  Everyone should let me know what they think :)

That's what they look like. 

Anyways, I also managed to slap some more paint on my Caestus, so here's where it stands now:

So that is shaping up.  I still need to do metallics on the engines and center, as well as more Ivory on the fronts of the wings, before I can even start weathering this thing, but even with just this it looks A LOT better than it did with just an all red coat on it.  This thing is kinda on the back burner since I got the heads in, but it is a nice break from painting power armour, so I expect to work on it more as I start painting the rest of the army.  After they get painted, I then have to paint the resin bases and then switch them over, which is TONS of fun, but probably a while out so oh well.  Anyways, I am off to bed, so catch you all later.



  1. Those models are pretty boss!! Just got my Custode models in today from Scibor.


  2. I just found your blog recently, where did you get these heads?
    They look amazing.

  3. I believe I got those from Kromlech honestly. The best place to find their stuff is on ebay though, because its on their ebay store about 2-3 weeks before their actual store for some reason o_O