Saturday, December 31, 2011

Command Barge finished and Thousand Sons update

So as this picture shows, I finished the model (not including the Overlord, obviously).  I cleaned up the actual Necrons, airbrushed some half-assed object source lighting on them (first attempt at such a thing, needs work, but not too shabby for about 1 minute of work total), and then based the model in my snow theme.  As I haven't worked with model snow before, I kept it rather simple, no rocks or anything other than the dark grey basing material under the snow itself.  Check below for more pics and other delightful tidbits of information!

So here are more angels that better show how the base came out:

Like I imagined, I like how the base contrasts the bright oranges of the model without detracting from it.  Should look very good replicated across the entire force.  I would like to work on more of the models I have, but those are getting put on the back burner already in favor of my Thousand Sons that I have neglected for some time. 

My FLGS is starting up an escalation league the first week of February, so I decided to hop into that madness.  One of the stipulations is that you can never have played with the model you are using, and they have to start unpainted, as you will be required to have the army painted by the end of every two week cycle.  It starts at 500 points, and increases at a rate of 500 points every two weeks, so it shouldn't be too bad.  Since I started my Thousand Sons a million years ago (or so it feels), I felt that I needed to get them done for all of your viewing pleasure!  Plus painting 500 points of counts as Grey Knights is a lot easier than Necrons.  I also already have all the Grey Knights kits I need, so less money spent.  Anyways, it should be fun, and I'm looking forward to actually making progress with this army once again.  With that being said, I started putting together the rest of my terminators for the Scarab Occult last night, since I finally got the legs in at the end of last week.  Those legs only took me since the end of October to acquire!  Anyways, here are pictures of what I got accomplished in my spare time:

Finally got all of the Purifiers primered.  I went with white since the red will show up nice and bright on it when I air brush them this week.  I also sprayed the Purgation squad, but they were still drying so I didn't mess with them to take a picture.  Here are the Terminators, however.  I still have 5 left to do, but these are coming along nicely!

These with the other ones I had already done will bring me up to 18 Paladins, with 2 special characters in Terminator armor as well!  I have 5 more legs in the event that I need more, since it took me so long to get the legs in the first place.  These will hopefully get primered and painted very soon as well, but the priority is going to whatever 500 point list I write up for the first period of the league.  At 500 points, it will most likely be a small list considering I have no IG models of any kind, so I'm going to have to min max out what I can. 

That all being said, I am now off to drink Champagne with the wife, and eat all sorts of goodies we cooked up as we watch movies and bring in the new year like an alcoholic old couple...Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Awesome work on the command barge, that's a grat look. Absolutely loving how the Thousand Sons are coming along as well - All Is Dust!

    Can't wait to see what they look like painted. Keep up the great work!