Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Nurgle goodness!

So I have been taking a break from the Warhound to get some more stuff done in my gigantic pile of grey mini's.  I've carried forward the momentum I have been building with Nurgle, however, and I have started working on some of my demons, as well as trying to finish the first squad of Death Guard assault termies I started like 5 months ago, haha.  I have also bought a bottle of water effect and started playing with that new toy!  Check out below for more pics!

So without much further blabbing on my part, here is the Forge World Demon Prince of Nurgle I have been working on.  Not 100% yet, but I would say a solid 97%.

As you can see, this is an amazing model that Forge World puts out.  WORLDS better than the GW variant, which to me looks a little too Rat Fink-ish.  It's cool if you're Rob Zombie, but alas, I'm not, so I went with this one.  This is my first model I used water effect on, and there was plenty of parts to experiment on between the base and the model.  I found out quickly that it runs like water when you first mix it, so to get the stuff to run down the side of the barrel and on the tips of the gun barrels without completely running off, I had to miss the stuff and then let it sit for almost 8 hours so that it was a better consistency to work with.  In the end though I like the effect I got from it.  I liked it so much in fact that I am using it on the bases of all my Death Guard and Nurgle demons from now on!  Here is the system I came up with to do the bases without it running off the sides.  Basically 1 part Honey Nut Cheerio's box, 1 part duct tape!

These pictures suck pretty bad, but I couldn't move the models around too much in fear of spilling some of the water effect.  I have them sitting on some foil so that any excess that spills doesn't dry to my beautiful $20 table, haha.  If you click on the pictures you should be able to better see the water effect, which had only been sitting for about 15 minutes when I took these pics.  The stuff shrinks a bit when it dries, so I'll probably have to do a second layer, which I will use less paint in so that it is more translucent, kinda adding a more 3d feel to the ooze.  Anyways, I am priming a whole bunch of stuff tonight, as well as using the new liquid green stuff to fill in gaps on older unpainted models, so enjoy these and I will get pics of these bases once they are good and dry.  Take care!

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  1. Very drippy and gross... nicely done! I really like how the putrescent green goo is sloshing out of the barrel. That's a great looking Daemon Prince, and thanks for showing off as well how you are doing the bases.