Saturday, October 1, 2011

Titan is nearing completion!

So as the title says, I am moving right along with this creature!  All I have left is the arms (which I have magnetized) and the base, which I will pin the Titan on but not glue so I can use him in games without a giant diorama base in the way.  Check below for a sort of three stage picture of the top shell, as well as photos of the inside of the head!

Well, with little words, here are the pictures of the shell being painted in stages.

As you can see in this first one, I have painted the shell a nice, not so bright green, done the ancient bronze trimmings, and then washed it all with Devlan Mud to dull it down a bit and dirty it right up!

In this one, I have applied my rust base color, which is made from Burnt Sienna oil paint mixed with some dark rust pigments and a little bit of Baal Red wash to thin it out slightly.  I used only a few drops of the wash so as to not make it too liquidy, but a nice thin consistency goes on better than a thick one with chucks of pigment in it.

Here it is with the various levels of rust added over it, and to add the depth to the rust I matte varnish after every single layer of pigment so that they don't blend unless I specifically want them too.  If you don't do this, then you will have a nice solid reddish-brown that looks like a dirt spot more than a rust one.  Also added is the exhaust port and cover to the middle, which is significantly rusted out and torn, so it looks right at home with the rest of my Nurgle Titan.

Here is a close up of the screen, which you can see through much better in real life than in the picture.  I tore the screen with a knife, pliers, and plastic cutters so that it had different textures on the tears so as to not look too intentional.

Here is the top placed on, which fits nicely on there without magnets (except for the back, which you will see in a few pictures). 

A front view without the head on yet.  Matches up pretty good considering I painted the legs in the spring using a different technique.

A nice side view that demonstrates how I ran the rust down with the angle of the armor.  It kinda pooled on flat surfaces, but I made sure that it ran realistically on the sides and back by kinda overflowing the rust spots with thinner until they ran randomly however they wanted.

And here is what I was talking about with the back.  I sits about an eighth of an inch to a quarter inch above the model due to the bottom of the top shell resting unevenly on the dividers inside.  It still rests firmly, so I am not TOO worried, but if I ever do another one I will make sure to check it much more thoroughly before I glue ANYTHING.

Here is an inside view of the cockpit!  Lots of tentacles running through there, which wasn't bad to paint at all honestly.

This is a view with all the detachable armor off.  I don't like it as much this way, haha.  Not as ferocious!

Here is a somewhat top view of it with the cockpit shield on, which really look nice and brings the whole wolf look together.  The top portion has a very rough and weathered texture to it, so I just went ahead and rusted it all and it came out pretty good in my opinion.

And finally the front view of the beasty!  I should be getting these arms done by next weekend if I am lucky, but since I don't have an airbrush at the moment, I am really procrastinating painting the base colors on those by hand.  I have been so spoiled in the past and now I have to paint the slow and somewhat boring way!  And speaking of paint, check out what happens when you use a brush for almost two years and the glue holding the bristles on finally gives way!

If you look hard enough, there are actual 3 or 4 left on there, but that is it.  So, my son got a new toy for poking my eyes, and he is VERY happy about that.  Anyways, until next time I post everyone take care and have a happy October!

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  1. Very nice, I like the scheme you plumped for and the weathering looks excellent.

    Looking forward to seeing it gain some arms.

    I've got one sitting in a box so it's good to see someone not be as lazy as me and build one.