Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plaguereaper of Nurgle WIP update!!!

So as mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my conversion of a Plaguereaper of Nurgle out of the Apocalypse book.  Since I have been doing this whole Death Guard army for shits and giggles, I figured I would convert one of these up to see what I could do with the idea.  Click below for more pics and some discussion on this conversion.

So there are a few things I liked about the Plaguereaper in the Apoc book, but more things that I didn't like.  I did like how they had plates kinda warped and curling, with fibers of chaos inside and what not.  I did a little of that on some hatches and such, but I didn't go TOO crazy with that idea since I am honestly trying to clear this off my plate to get back to my Titan.  I have been putting the finishing touches on this today as the primer dried on my Titan pieces I will be working on next. 

The things I didn't like though I changed and are as follows
  • The gun.  Plain and simple, it looks like it belongs on a Slaanesh vehicle.  Too phallic shaped, and it's actually surprisingly too poorly done in my opinion for the rest of the way their vehicle was done.  I'm not quite done with mine, but I do plan on something alot more plain, as I want the model to be viewed as a whole object when people first see it.  When you see the GW one, you see a ugly cannon mounted on something.  I'll make up for the excessive green stuff / masking tape barrel with a cleaner simplicity and plenty of rusting instead.
  • The side barrels of sludge on the GW model looked WAY too similar to an ork vehicle.  While I understand that Chaos Space Marines may not be as neat and organized as regular ones, but I don't see them using what looks like inverted Stompas on the sides.  I made mine out of pill containers halved and covered with plasticard, and those will be painted and weather to resemble oil drum like barrels.  I think it will fit in more, and it will be along the lines of the Forge World Demon Prince of Nurgle with the oil drum of sludge on his back.
That's actually the two main things I didn't like about theirs, but those two things are just slightly big deals on theirs.  I still need to saw off all the barrels of the weapons and put on the chaos gargoyle looking things, but since the Chaos Vehicle Accessory Sprues are on back order from GW for some reason, I have to wait to get in those before I can proceed.  I also will be putting a Forge World Chaos Plague Marine on the turret, and he will be using a pintle mounted Combi-Flamer, since it looks cool and 5 points is nothing really in an Apocalypse game.  I also need to find something to fill the drums on the side, since that much green stuff or gray stuff seems like a waste.  A good scouring of Michaels tomorrow night will probably produce something, since I need to head there to pick up some Water Effect anyways for when it comes to that for the drums.  It will be my first real experience with water effects, so it should be fun!  I will also probably end up doing some more battle damage to it before I paint it, but we'll see about that when the time comes.  Anyways, to keep me from rambling on ALL day, I'll post the rest of the pictures now!

On a separate note, I was very upset to see GW raising their prices again...  That little bit alone is going to hurt my FLGS, and looking at the prices the AU and other countries will be paying for their stuff now that Maelstrom Games and other online retailers like them can't ship overseas is disgusting.  Every time it seems like GW takes a step forward, they take two back.  I just hope that they fix their issues before they kill their hobby.  I don't think this will end it out right by any means, but this is just a drop of water in their quickly filling pond, and Mantic Games and Privateer Press would be all too happy to step in.  I'm a fan boy of GW, if not for the models just for the fluff even, but this business model only seems to support their investors and short term earning reports. 

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