Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorry for the delay

So it's been a while since my last post, and let me tell you, I have been BUSY!  Not with the hobby as much as I have wanted, but with real life issues this time.  I got my orders saying I am being medically retired from the Army last week, so I have been scrambling trying to get my stuff packed and moved to Colorado.  It's been chaotic to say the least.  On the plus side though, I will be getting paid for the rest of my life, so yay me.  Anyways, check out below to see what I have been up to since we last spoke.

As you can see from my picture above, my Nurgle fluffyness is coming along.  That there is my Nurgle Lord in Termi Armor, or a Nurgle Sorcerer in Termi Armor.  It all depends on my mood to be honest.  I also have quite a few buddies for him done up already, with a lot more on the way from Forge World.  Here is a few unpainted pictures of just the Terminators and Obliterators I have put together so far.  I have two more Obliterators and two more squads of Nurgle Termi's to put together still, so that alone is an expensive piece to this collection.

Here is the one squad of Assault Termi's I have made so far.  Not planning on running them in a list any time soon, but I liked the idea of them to be honest, so I made some.

Here is the first regular Terminator squad, in which I gave them all Scythes as their power weapons.  I know in the fluff only the elite of the elite of the elite got the super duper power scythes, but I like the look of them, so I did what I wanted too!

Here are my two Obliterators I have together so far.  GW was nice enough to send me 4 of the same exact pose, so a little more conversion work than I honestly care to do is required to not have these four ass hats look exactly alike, but once I got converting, I actually liked how they are starting to look, so maybe that was GW's intent all along.  Thanks GW, you're the best.

And what super expensive Forge World Nurgle army would be complete without some Plague Ogryns!?!?!?!  These definitely won't see the light of day in regular games, but will look great in Apoc games next to the 20 Plague Bearers I have to go with them.  I actually got these on ebay for cheap, so I mostly bought them on impulse.

And now for something a little more heretical than Chaos even, I have started to dabble into Warmahordes.  With the GW price hikes, and my need to save up since I now need to buy a house and other things, I can't go blowing $80 for a Land Raider, so I need to get my army ADHD fix on something cheaper.  So without further jibba jab, here is my Menoth's Children (if I'm jumping ship, I'm jumping ship right!)

Not really any painting has been done on these guys, as with most my other models, since I have been so buys packing and doing everything else.  However, when I start to lay into these guys, they will be painted very similar to the Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children.  I looked around on the interwebs for alternate Menoth paint schemes and didn't really find any I liked, so I decided a little purple on my palette would be an interesting change.  The darker Menoth pieces have been washed already, so that's what's up with the color difference. I just got done air brushing the lighter colored ones today, and I doubt I will have time to wash them before I pack up and go.  Anyways, thanks for continuing to read up on me, and hopefully this move to Colorado won't stop my progress TOO much.

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