Sunday, May 15, 2011

The state of things

So I have been really busy as of late, and with the Titan legs mostly done, I decided to take a break from the Titan for one week.  The week has been very busy though, and not wasted.  Below is a list of projects I have started, in now real order, and I think that the list goes along with my blog name really well!

So, in a simple line format in no specific order, here is what I have been up to:

  • Currently I am finishing up a conversion of a Nurgle Plaguereaper from a Baneblade kit I purchased.  I have the majority of it built, but there is much greenstuff work to be done, as well as some cable placing once I have the plague tanks fitted onto the side.  Once the model is complete, I will have WiP pics up, of course.
  • I have been building all my vehicles for my fluffy Death Guard army.  One converted Chaos Land Raider done, with extra armor kits on the side and Death Guard front and side doors as well.  I also have one Chaos Predator / Rhino built with magnetized side Death Guard doors and sponsons, Death Guard front plate, and a Dozer blade I beat the hell out of to make it look like it has been around for the last ten thousand years.  I still have one more Chaos Land Raider to put together, as well as three more Predator / Rhinos to build, so this may take a while, and again, pics will come up once I get time.
  • I have purchased some new Grey Knights kits that I will be using to make a new counts-as grey knights army.  I have been mulling around trying to find the right way to do a heresy-era Thousand Sons army, and somebody at my FLGS pointed out that the new Grey Knights Codex, while expensive in points, would work out great due to the fact of them being all psychers to some degree.  I concurred with that, so now starts the process of planning the lists and figuring out how to make the models.  I don't want the models to look like red and gold Grey Knights, so I think it will take time and a lot of converting / kit bashing to make them look good.
  • I have managed to get my hands on a new Talos / Chronos kit and I have put that together and have been painting it.  Due to the fact that it is a preview model from GW, it can't leave my FLGS so I haven't had as much free time to paint it as I would like to have.  However, all of the base coloring is done, and I need to do the large amounts of detail work, as well as to decide what color scheme to use for the armor, so when it is done or at least closer to being done, I will have up pictures.
So that about sums it up.  With this week being over, I'm back onto the Titan tomorrow, which will be the upper body and insides.  I plan to put my whole heart and soul into this thing, so it has been taking a while, especially since I have been trying all sorts of new techniques.  Thanks to all of you who have been keeping up with me so far, and anyone with suggestions with any of these projects, feel free to either e-mail me or leave them in a comment!

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