Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FLGS support

So, I didn't mention this is my earlier post because I feel it needs it's own space on my blog.  I have recently began a blog for my local FLGS, Hard Knox Games, and it will be a collective blog about all things gaming, from card games to RPG's, and of course my favorite, Wargaming.  It won't be a WIP blog lik ethe one I run here, and I will be having other people contribute as well.

We plan on talking about new products that are out and coming out, as well as showing off pics of models, armies, and terrain made by our local games.  We also plan to be posting battel reports, as well as lists and deck builds for all the games we carry.  All said and done, it will be a very large effort, but it will hopefully set us up as the premier shop in the area, and with our local gamers being able to write for it, will hopefully make people feel more connected to our store.  If you have time, please check it out and follow the blog, or feel free to comment on what you think our store blog should have that others don't.  Anyways, thanks for the time and enjoy my titan work in progress!


  1. What ever you say but it is very simple and unique kind of logo picture you have for your game. I truly like combination of green, white and brown.

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  2. Yeah, the game store is based outside of Fort Knox, so the owner had it designed to go along with the idea of the tanks and stuff that were on Fort Knox.