Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Apocalypse showed up...and now I'm broke

So the new Apocalypse is soon to be upon us, and I went on a spending spree of epic proportions!  For starters, I ordered the following new items:

The Apocalypse Collectors Edition
1 Khorne Lord of Skulls
1 set of the new templates
1 set of the AdMech dice, the 125 dice set
1 Vortex Template

That ran me a decent amount, but nothing I wasn't already bracing to spend anyways.  However, after finally finding the apocalypse formations on the website (which may or may not have taken me longer to find than it should have...) I saw my dream of fielding an entire Space Wolf Great Company become a reality!!!

I didn't actually buy the $1000+ one-click scam from GW, but instead shopped around locally, emptied the SW selection from various FLGS (including the one I run), and begrudgingly ordered a few blisters from GW's website.  All said and done, I ended up with 4 drop pods that aren't even part of the formation, 3 extra scout squads, and a Wolf Lord on Thunder Wolf for roughly $900!!!  So quite a few extra models for over $100 cheaper.  Yay me.  Now I am off to figure out how to hide this purchase from my wife...if I don't post again in the next month, call a Life Guard for me.


  1. Hah! I hear ya man - I'm trying to justify the terrain set to add to the Wall of Martyrs. I love the collector's edition, but just couldn't afford it - definitely want to see pics when it arrives!

    Also looking forward to seeing the wolves, provided you're not slain... :)

    1. Yeah, I really liked the terrain at first, but now I'm a little more hesitant. I'll decided whether or not to buy it once I see the rules.

      As for the Wolves, I'm totally excited! They were the first army I actually owned models for when I was a kid, and I remember how big of a deal it was when Ragnar's model came out. It's funny, since it's still the same model, and that was a longgggg time ago.

  2. 'Now I am off to figure out how to hide this purchase from my wife...if I don't post again in the next month, call a Life Guard for me.'

    No need. We'll find your corpse buried in the back yard, most likely.
    Or, if you're lucky, you'll be living in the tool shed until such time as your penance is up.

    1. Haha, all jokes aside my wife is actually cool with me spending money on this hobby. I used to blow the equivalent of this at the bar when I was younger, so this is a more positive outlet, as well as providing me something to show for my money invested.

    2. Or so she says...until the day I wake up dead!!!