Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, I'm not dead...

So as the title says, I'm actually not dead.  I do think that it is a little ironic that I posted that my wife may kill me, and then went silent for about 8 months, but it was purely unintended irony.  I had a sort of sudden falling out with the hobby, and I shifted jobs, so posting didn't seem like a priority for me.

So what brought me to man up and post again?  I am falling in love with the hobby all over again.  I am loving the direction that 6th Edition has taken, I love the projects that I am working on, and more of my friends and family have started up in the hobby.  I am also running a Facebook page for my local gaming group, and it grew to a large enough size that I ended up switching it from a private group to an actual page so that way I could have people help me manage it.  Feel free to check it out here if you're interested.  While we are mostly based out of Colorado, we plan on posting relevant things to our hobby, and not just rehashed content from my blog.

As for what I have been doing, here are a couple shots taken from my iPhone!

These are a few models of the Lamenters that I am working on.  The infantry models are finished, but the Razorback needs a lot of weathering before I accept it.  All of my Razorbacks also have working headlights that I put in there, which I will get a picture of once I post another update on them.

This is a Thunderhawk that a buddy of mine bought, and I am painting it for him as a Christmas present.  I did a subtle scale pattern across the armor using my airbrush and some pieces of a ball bag as a stencil.  It came out really nice, and will look AWESOME once I get more detail work done on it.  

Anyways, this is where I am at currently.  I plan on posting more as I go, as well as bringing on some local guys to help me post as well.  Keep an eye on this page to see what I'm up to, and hopefully I'll be able to post more soon.  Stay classy internet!

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  1. Holy hell! Those are beautiful, man - great work! More of this! :)

    Glad to hear your still kicking, bud!