Friday, June 22, 2012

Cygnar Stormwall is done!

So yes, I bought one of these last weekend, and I have been slaving away at it.  I absolutely loveeeeeee the model, and I wasted no time painting it up in my Swamp theme that I am doing all of my Cygnar in.  Anyways, more pictures and words below!

So first off, despite what I read otherwise, this model was very easy to clean.  The two battle engine I bought prior took me hours upon hours to clean up, but this model actually only took slightly more than 30 minutes from start to finish.  I also like how you can pose this guy a little better than most PP models, but I would have liked better options for the legs.  Not a deal breaker in my opinion though.  So anyways, here are more pictures!  I'll be building a photo booth later today most likely, but these will have to do until then.

The base is still a little wet in spots, but I absolutely LOVE the Secret Weapons bases.  The 120mm bases took a lot more water effect than I anticipated (a bottle and a half of their stuff, plus some GW water effect to top it off), but I'm very glad with that purchase.  I have a large amount of models primed and base painted as well, but I have to strip a bunch ad start over since I got a lot of fuzziness on them from screwing up the priming some how.  I convinced myself I could fix it, but in the end, I stopped lying to myself, haha.  Time to find out if Purple Power removes liquid latex as well as it does paint I guess.  Anyways, I'm closing on my house today, so I'll be pretty busy this weekend, but if I can get my photo booth built I'll get some better quality pictures of stuff up for you guys.  Thanks for reading, and feel free to talk to your friends, loved ones, dogs, etc., about how awesome my blog is! 


  1. Why?...WHY?!?!!!

  2. Do u ldetsil how u painted the big jack? Am always interested in painting how-to's