Monday, June 20, 2011

Last minute pictures

So, I managed to snag two pretty terrible pictures of what I have put together and primed of my Nurgle army.  Keep in mind, I still have six 10 man squads of plague marines to put together, as well as two ten man raptor squads which I will be making using Forge World Plague Marine bodies/shoulder pads, as well as some "Heresy Era" jump packs from either Chapter House Micro Art Studios.  I can't remember which.  I have two Blight Drones put together so far, with 3 more still in the bags.  There is a Nurgle Demon Prince and Herald primed in there, the two different Nurgle variant dreads, some chaos bikers with Plague Marine bodies, some Plague Ogryn, Renegrade Ogryn, a Nurgle Space Marine Sorcerer (with two more still in the bags, although I will green stuff them so I don't have triplets), a 5 man Terminator squad, also Forge World, and finally two Land Raiders and a Predator, all with Forge World upgrades.

And here is another pic with my Plague Reaper, now primed, further battle damaged, and with the tanks filled with bits and plumbers putty.  There is also a Death Guard Rhino there that I have, and it will be the only one not magnetized as a Rhino/Predator.

As for now, I have to get back to cleaning, so until next time, keep it classy.

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