Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on the run!

While I am not normally one to throw rumors out there, I love the way this one sounds so I am going to play devils advocate and throw this out there.  The Back 40k had some amazing rumors on the direction GW is taking with 6th Edition, which I hope truly turn out, and some disparaging one's about GW's already controversial business model.  I can't say that I am too surprised with GW's moves to further lock down the global market selling of their product, because with their last changes it showed how ruthlessly adamant they were about doing this.  I was however hoping that they would have looked at all the criticism and hatred from independent retailers and gamers and thought about it, but I guess not.  As for me, I will finally be moving to Colorado this weekend, so I have been out of control busy with the preparations.  If I get time, however, I will try to throw up some pics of all the Forge World goodness I got in the mail last week.  I spent well over $500 on models, so my Death Guard army is going to be out of control once I paint it.  Anyways, I am off to more pointless meetings in my attempts to get out of the army, so wish me luck!

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