Monday, February 23, 2015

Often over looked tool in my work space

Yes, Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber is a God send, although it does smell fairly awful.  I use it for masking things on about 3/4 of my projects, and the best part is that a jar of it lasts a LONGGGGGGGGGG time when you're using it for modeling.  I slap it around wherever I want to mask, let it dry, then airbrush the hell out of everything all willy nilly.  When the paint dries, I use a dental pick to get a solid grasp on the Latex, pull, and viola!  It looks like I took my time when I really didn't.  Currently I'm using it to mask off the base on my Konrad Curze that I picked up from Forge World, since they were so kind to sculpt him onto the wall...(would have really loved to paint him separate and pin him on, but nooooooo).

Anyways, after tonight I should have my projects base painted and then I'll try to toss some pictures up.  I also downloaded Star Trek Online, since I hear so many people talking about it these days, so maybe I'll write a review of that some time in the near future as well.

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