Monday, April 2, 2012

Something demonic this way comes...

So I had some store credit at my FLGS, and I noticed that this model had been sitting on the shelf for some time.  Now, I'm very excited about Chaos Legions, so I figured that a model like this would help me get back in the mood to paint.  If you haven't seen this model before, this is the Pleasuredemon from Ultraforge Models.  I figured this would be a great counts-as Slaanesh Greater Demon, if I ever decide to go that route, so I figured I might as well pick it up.  Anyways, check below for more info on it, as well as a couple more pictures.

So I have to say that while it did need a little work, this model is one of the cleanest out of the box resin models I have ever worked with.  There was only minor mold lines, a little flash, and nothing to complain about beyond that.  I still had to file and sand to ensure that the flesh was smooth, since it is such a big model and all, but other than that the cleaning and building of this beast couldn't have taken me more than 45 minutes at most.  It's always nice to get a resin model that doesn't make me want to punch a kitten the second I pick it up...(looking at you, GW).  Anyways, I primed it black, then primed the raised surfaces from a top angle with white, and today I have started working on the flesh with the trusty old airbrush.  I'm doing a light blue for the flesh, and a purple fade for the wings which will be a dark purple in the recesses, working up to a brighter purple on the raised surfaces.  Should work well, and it will match my Emperors Children that I some day hope to build. 

Blah, blah, blah, I know, on with the pictures, right?  Well here you go!

The flesh was done with a simple 3 color fade, with a very dark blue being applied very liberally to the flesh, followed by a medium color that was applied to everywhere but the recesses, and finished with a light blue that was sprayed on all of the raised surfaces.  Pretty simple, but works wonders.  Next I need to do the wings, but that requires me to go to the store to buy mixing bottles for to make airbrush paints, so it will have to wait I guess.  Anyways, I'll post more WIP pics as I have them, so take care and hopefully I won't neglect this blog so bad, haha.

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