Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally, an actual update!

Okay, so it has been a while since I have put anything up here other than links to my eBay sales and excuses, so he we go!  Right now I am finished painting my Cygnar stuff that I have, I am nearing completion on a squad and a dread for my Death Guard, I have managed to almost base coat my Pleasuredemon, and I got a new paint rack!  Check below for more info.

So I'll go through this all in a sequence that makes sense to me, so follow along!  First off, the Cygnar starter is done being painted.  It is not based yet because I was just this month able to afford the large purchase of bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures :)  I also made a rather large Warmachine purchase which will allow me to play a 50 point list with reinforcements as well.  This is all due to the fact that I managed to sell my Necron army the second time around...yay me.  Anyways, here are the Cygnar models that I have painted:

This model I enjoyed, and I'm always a fan of big melee weapons.

This one I didn't enjoy nearly as much, but that is due to the fact that I have little experience painting flesh, and I think that shows on this model.  Oh well, gives me something to work on.

This one I liked as well.  I think the eyes came out best on this one to be honest.  Still working on that Object Source Lighting...

The fourth model didn't come out well picture wise, so the best I can offer is for you to look at the picture of all four up top.  I'll get a better picture once I get them based.  Anyways, on that topic, here is what I got for bases.

These bases have raised edges so that you can do all sorts of cool stuff with water effect, so this is what I got to go along with them:

So yeah, the bases should look all sexy like.

Anyways, on to other things.  Like I stated earlier, I have been working on my Death Guard.  I would rather be working on my Thousand Sons, but I had started these dudesmen earlier and I want to get everything that is half started done and off my table.  So here is where the sit.  They are not finished, but they are coming along nicely and I should have them done by mid week hopefully.

Here is where the Dread stands.  My cats decided he was an asshole so they broke his banner off, so I am painting it separately.

These are the two weapons I will be putting on him, and the base I made to resemble my SWM lave ones that they no longer make....

Here is the 10man squad I have been working on.  They are coming along nicely, with really only a few details that need attention before I paint the bases.

Here is the squad leader.  He still needs his face to be finished, but I think that the color is good so I'll be happy once I get that all taken care of.

And finally here is the Icon Bearer.  I love this Icon to be honest.  It is simple yet gets the point across clearly.  It still needs work as well, but not too much.  Should look good once it's done.

While we're still on the topic of Chaos, here is where the Pleasuredemon sits.  I have the wings and skin base coated, I have the black under coat done on the leather parts, and I need to do the armor, which will happen after the leather is done.  Should be good though, and I really love the model itself.  Such an amazing sculpt.

Finally, my desk was getting a little too chaotic so I managed to purchase my FLGS' old paint rack.  I got it for a VERY low price, and it has cleared up soooooo much space in my man cave.  I ended up have to put the paints in rows of three based of their shade because I have way too many to fit by them selves, but it works out well.

Yup, so my man cave is coming right along now.  Anyways, I'm off on some more errands so hopefully I will be able to get some more work done here soon and then throw the pictures up for everyone. 

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