Saturday, April 21, 2012

So the Necrons didn't sell...

So as the title says, they didn't sell.  I had them listed for well below retail, so I am a little annoyed.  Anyhow, if anyone wants these, I'm willing to haggle on the price.  Shoot me an e-mail at  If anyone at a FLGS wants them, I am also willing to take store credit.  Here is the list:

7 x boxes of Necron Warriors ( 1 box built and primed silver, 6 out of the box but still on sprues)

4 x Ghost Arks ( 1 built and painted fully as a Ghost Ark, 1 in an opened box still on sprue, 2 out of the box still on sprues)

5 x Barges (1 built and painted as a Command Barge, 1 still in wrapping in box, 3 out of box on sprues)

1 unit of Death Marks, built and painted

4 x boxes of Immortals (3 built and painted with Teslas, 1 in an opened box still on sprues)

2 x boxes of Lychguard / Praetorians (1 built and painted as Lychguard, the other in an open box)

3 x Destroyers (built and painted)

1 x Imotekh (built, primed silver, some detail painted)

1 x Monolith still in wrapping in box

1 x Forge World Tomb Stalker ( built, primed, partially painted, base is done entirely and included, two antennas broken off however)

1 x 1 Doomsday/Ghost Ark 5 Catacomb/Annihilation Barges Foam Tray (BF-5) 

1 x 3 Doomsday/Ghost Arks Foam Tray (BF-5.5

1 x 69 Necron Troop Foam Tray (BF-2)

1 x Elite and Fast Attack Unit Foam Tray (BF-2)

1 x Necron Codex

1 x Secret Weapon Miniatures Obelisk painted to match army

It is packaged and ready to go, so just let me know what you're offering!


  1. Sorry to see that, I really think they're beautiful, and the price was a steal. It's a fickle thing, ebay - sometimes if you list the same thing a week later, it'll get snagged right away. I'm likely going to be breaking up the Thousand sons into units for sale unless I get a bite in the next hour or when it ends - it's easier for people to spend $20 or $30 on a unit they may want rather than a huge wad on a whole army The smaller lots always seem to sell, but I do feel it's s shame if an army doesn't stay together...

  2. Yeah, I posted this here to see what kind of offers I get. I also have this posted in my FLGS and my old store as well. If it doesn't sell still, I'll post it again when the Necron 2nd wave comes out, and I'll sell it individually if it still doesn't sell after that >.< Either way, it'll get sold eventually, haha.