Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some WIP's!!!

So I haven't posted in a good while now, but I have been very busy since I just started school up again, and I am taking accelerated 5 week courses instead of traditional semesters since my GI Bill only covers 36 months of school, regardless how much I finish.  5 week courses means that I do as much homework in one week as most people do in 3-4 weeks.  Not fun.  However, I have managed to get some stuff done for the hobby!  The picture above is the base I made for my Necron Tomb Stalker that I have yet to even clean...but at least the base is assembled!  It's made using two different Secret Weapon Miniatures products, their Dragon Skull and a 95mm x 120mm oval base from their Desert Mesa line of bases.  As I have said before, I absolutely LOVE the products Mr. Justin puts out.  High quality and cheap prices are always a winner in my opinion.  Anyways, I am all over the place with my WIP's at the moment, so check out below!

So after watching Brandon Palmers video, The 7 Day Army Painter, I wanted to try weathering using Liquid Latex.  Seemed easy enough and I liked how his stuff came out.  So I busted out my Death Guard models, brushed the dust off, and got to work!  I first base coated them all a dark brown with the ol' airbrush, and then sponged on Vallejo's Orange Brown to simulate rusting.  After that, I varnished the models fairly heavily, and I then sponged on some Latex Rubber from Woodland Scenics, which is essentially the same thing he was using and also all that I could find.  The stuff is white, and dries clear and very fast.  It smells horrible however, like Ammonia soaked in cat piss and more Ammonia.  After that, I air bushed a base green armor color over the models, then I airbrushed a lighter green over everything except the recesses, and finally an even lighter green on the raised surfaces that would naturally be hit by light.  Then the fun part!  I used tweezers (which took some practice to not grab too hard and rip off the undercoat as well) and peeled the latex right off!  It pulled off the green paint, and chipped off small amounts of the surrounding paint as well, leaving a natural look to the paint chipping that I really liked.  I would suggest using large amounts of the Latex, at least vertically, so that you can see it once you paint over it.  Otherwise you'll have to strain your eyes looking for non-smooth surfaces along the model that is hopefully latex covered in paint and not just a shitty paint job...  But anyways, after that, I laid down my base color for rust where I wanted complete coverage on the nurgle models, and that's about as far as I have got at the moment on them.  So take a look!

  I really like how that chainsword came out, since there are tiny little dots of the rust undercoat showing through and now just a few giant spots surrounded by clean spots.

Another project I have started on is some Warmachine models!  I picked up a Cygnar starter kit from my FLGS, an decided to do something like my Death Guard theme on them, only with slightly less rust and puss.  I used a slightly lighter set of greens for their armor, followed by a wash of Thraka Green and a watered down wash of Devlan mud once the green dried.  I plan to base them using Secret Weapons Blasted Wetlands hollow bases, as well as there Wetlands Instant Scenery kit.  I like the idea of having them ankle deep in water in a swamp, as that will lend some credibility to them being so rusty.  Fluff, I likes it!  So here is where I stand on this bad mother truckers.

I still have a ways to go with them, but I like the direction I am heading.  I thought about going with the regular blue paint scheme, but I like to add my own touch to my models.  I don't really like the whole "paint by numbers" feel of replicating somebody elses work.

As for my Necrons, I haven't forgotten them either, as I had the "pleasure" of putting together a box of Warriors last week.  I'm not sure if it's the molds or just the batch I received, but I have never got plastic models with so much flash on them in my life.  It took me literally 4 hours to get them put together because every single piece had to be completely trimmed and then cleaned with liquid green stuff.  I was angry.  Very angry in fact.  But at least I have one box now assembled and primed, so I'm on my way. 

So nothing fancy there yet, haha.  But anyways, I won my first game in my FLGS's escalation league, mostly due to the fact that we rolled on the scenario chart and got an objectives match, and my opponent only brought one troop choice...which he then charged straight into my gun line of Tesla's.  One turn of shooting essentially won me the game.  Anyways, I need to clean while my son is taking his nap, so this is it for now and stay tuned for more stuff as I get it knocked out!

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