Monday, September 12, 2011

Okay, here is the Titan atleast (pic heavy)

So I have the body of this beast done for the most part now.  I need some minor touch ups and some wires need painting still on the outside, but it is certainly coming along well.  Up next I will be working on the head and the cables that attach to it, then the whole top part will come next, followed finally by the three weapon arms.  The legs are going to be pinned to the base, but not glued so that I can have it displayed nicely, but also take it of the base for Apoc games.  Look below for more pictures of the inside, as well as some Deathguard Termie's I have been working on!

Here is a good example of how the rusting is looking.  I might be going over it again with a brighter orange in a few places to break up the smaller rust effects and add something that stands out, but we'll see how squirrely I feel when the time comes. 

This is the back, which shows the soot pigment I put on the top vents, and for some reason doesn't really show the soot coloring around the little vents, most likely because of the flash reflecting off the metallic colors.  It's there though, trust me.  Overall, I like how the rusting came out.  I have it running in the direction of the slope on the back, so it looks more natural.  I did this by first laying down a dark rust color made of burnt umber oil paint mixed with a rust brown pigment, and then I varnished it so that base color wouldn't run, and then I mixed straight pigments with a paint thinner and put large amounts of it on the rust spots so it would run down, and as the paint thinner dried, it left trails of the pigment behind in natural looking patterns.

Here we start to see inside.  This is the corpse along the back wall, and it was really a huge pain in the ass to paint but I got it done.  The best part is that after this, I glued in the divider, so you really can't see most of the detail work in the final product.  But it is always better to be safe and paint it than to find after after everything is glued together that you can see big unpainted spots.

This is an angle that shows off (poorly) one of the sides of the compartment.  We have a rotted servitor there in his little compartment, all covered in wires and what I have come to assume is pieces of living stuff that has grown all inside due to the machine spirit of the Titan being corrupted by chaos.  You gotta love warp mutations.

Here is a picture of the poor tech priest who essentially got crucified by the warp tendrils and also has wires running through him.  He has an umbilical cord looking thing that will be seen in a few pictures, and above him is the rusted out remains of the Imperial Eagle that has been replaced by the mark of chaos undivided.  If I had gotten fancy, I could have filed that away and made a Nurgle symbol, but oh well.  Another idea for another model.

Here is the opposite side of the compartment, showing some demons coming through the warp in the left hand side, and what looks almost like a cocoon of flesh and wires where a servitor once was.

Here is one final look at the back side of the compartment before I glued the door in.

And here is a top view with the door and umbilical cord now glued in.  As you can see, there isn't much room in the back now, so alot of the detail was lost.  But I still like how it came out.

Here is a view where you can see the cord going into the door, and I think that it looks rather nice.  Nurgle loves his rusty shit in my opinion.

And here is a picture TRYING to show what the back looks like, haha.  The cord from the other side goes through the door into the corpse hanging on the back wall.

Here are the three weapons I have for this beasty, not primed but atleast assembled and magnetized.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find magnets strong enough to hold the arms up correctly, my my FLGS had just the solution for me!

And now on to my Termies.  These three are mostly done, with 2 more lightning claw ones and a Termie lord mostly done as well (not pictured).  I painted them up, but I didn't like how clean the green on their armor looked, so I rusted them to bloody hell as well. 

The bases for them are lava bases that I decided would be much better painted as sludge bases.  While I don't ever really plan to use chaos termies with lightning claws in a game, I really wanted to make some models so I could rust up the claws.

That's the three of them at a much closer view.  Anyways, I am off to school to go take a math test, so enjoy the pictures and please feel free to leave any constructive criticism.  Have a good week everyone!

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